Weird Story

Man Spends More Than $120,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Britney Spears


A big Britney Spears fan from Los Angeles, Bryan Ray, has spent a lot of money trying to look like his favorite pop idol.

Although he has already used over $120,000, he has revealed that he is "not finished yet."

Ray was just 17 when he set out on a journey to look like the famous singer. For more than two decades, this has been his big obsession.

When he was still a teenager, he got veneers that would make his smile look like Britney's.


It has now been 18 years since he started making an effort to look like the pop singer. Ray has already had plastic surgeries worth over $120,000.

He is not done with his project yet, and he sees himself as "an ongoing work of art."

Ray operates a medical marijuana edibles company. He says he is not perfect, but he is happy with how he looks: "... when I look in the mirror at myself I am very happy."


Ray has already had cheek implants, lip augmentation, two rhinoplasty surgeries, and an eyelid lift. He has also had fillers and Botox, which he gets every six months.

Every eight weeks, he also undergoes hair removal surgery.

He is very realistic about his goals, even though he insists he is not done yet. His goal is not to look exactly like Britney spears, but to "resemble" her.


"That was never something that was in my head, thinking I would look 100 percent like her."


Ray says he understands his face, symmetry, and features. Based on these, he has worked with surgeons so that he can find out what can be modified in a manner that makes him look more like Britney Spears.

On Instagram, he has over 100k followers. He claims that some people don't get what he is doing.

Some people have called him "crazy" or "weird." However, he feels that opening up about what he is doing will help him avoid some of the stigmas he faces.


Still, he understands that what he is doing is not for everyone. He is also not asking people to go get cosmetic surgical procedures.

What he would rather encourage is positive body image.


Ray insists that he has met Britney Spears "multiple times." However, it was one such meeting that he holds in the highest regard.

That was when he met her in Maui during a small outdoor festival.

He cherishes the meeting because she was not made up as she normally is in her music videos. Although she did not have a lot of makeup, to Ray, "she was just so beautiful."