Man "Shoots Family After Monopoly Game Gone Wrong"

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world. The game is also behind many fights between family members.

Unfortunately, a feud caused by the game recently got so bad that one man felt the need to grab a gun.

The man chased then his family down the street with a gun, and he is now behind bars.

Armstrong Got Into A Heated Argument With His Stepfather

John Armstrong got upset after an argument he had with his stepfather while playing Monopoly. Eventually, the two men came to blows, but the heated argument didn't end there.


Things quickly got out of hand and a family member suggested that they "take the fight outside." This was after the game was knocked over and furniture was turned over during the scuffle.

At this point, Armstrong got his gun and started to chase his stepfather and stepsister down the street. He also fired a single shot at the stepsister during the argument, according to her statement.


She called the police to the scene and Armstrong was put under arrest as soon as the authorities arrived.

He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He admitted to charges but insisted that he had fired a single shot to the ground.

At the moment, he is being held on a $25,000 bond.

Someone Could Have Died

The reality is that someone could have died if Armstrong felt the need to get his gun over such a ridiculous argument.


According to Tulsa Police Department, although he aimed at the ground while shooting, this was as close as it gets to having a homicide over a game of Monopoly.

The authorities are yet to figure out if the argument was about the game pieces, play money, or real money. All they can tell is that something really upset Armstrong.

When the police got to the home, Monopoly pieces and money had been thrown all over the place.