Man Sells PS5 After Wife Realizes It's Not An Air Purifier

man sells ps5 after wife realizes it’s not an air purifier

The PS5 rage has men who are avid gamers queueing for long hours just to purchase one. Others are constantly online searching for good bargains. Finally, getting one is like hitting the jackpot.

It is rather unfortunate that some lose out even after eventually getting one. How? Consider the example of this Taiwanese man who had to sell his PS5 after his wife realized it wasn't an air purifier.


He had tried to pass it off as an air purifier but his wife caught on and demanded that it be sold.

The story got out when Jin Wu, the secondary buyer, wrote that he had purchased a PS5 from a reseller the previous day. Before picking up the device, he called the reseller's number, and a woman answered the call.

He was pretty surprised that a woman was at the other end of the line. According to him, she did not sound like one to play video games. Also, the shockingly low sales price for a new device made him wonder.


The woman seemed eager to sell it despite the remarkably low price tag. Wu eventually met the console owner in person but was surprised to see a middle-aged man instead of the woman who picked his call. The man looked more of an avid gamer, so Wu was moved to ask why he wanted to sell.

The Conversation That Ensued

During their conversation, WU asked where he had originally bought it. The man told him that he had gotten it at a good price on the e-commerce website PChome. Wu was impressed that the man was able to find such a good deal. He then asked, "Did you buy two? Otherwise, why are you selling it?".


According to Wu, the man was silent for a moment before bitterly answering, "My wife wants to sell it." Obviously, the woman who had picked the call was the wife. He had gotten the device and tried to pass it off as an air purifier to her. She was smart enough to decipher between an air purifier and a PlayStation.

Well, I do feel sorry for him. There were lots of funny reactions to this story. I'm surprised he even let it go at all. I mean, PS5?