Man Proposes With Six Different Rings So His Fiancé Can Choose Her Favorite

Staging a perfect proposal can come in different ways depending on how your fiancee will perceive it. There are true and a few ideas of making a proposal, but there’s nothing that is more romantic when you openly declare your love in front of your family and friends. However, some might prefer indoors and secluded place where they can have their comfort and privacy.

Denis Brown II made unconventional proposal using six rings so that her lover could choose the best. Atara Dallas had to choose one among the six rings which were in different sizes and shapes and had been laid nicely on a heart-shaped box.

Dennis Brown’s feelings towards Atara could be felt from the writings that he confessed that his wife was very special, and no equitable gift can be given to her to show how he is happy to have met her.

Most people in social media congratulated Dennis and Atara for the decision that they made which could be a good example the others. However, some said that Dennis should have taken his time to know the likes of his fiancee so that he could present the best wedding ring to her instead of making her choose from the six rings. Another group made some fun out of the situation and said that if they were Atara, they would take all the six rings.

Whatever your thoughts are, it is evident that Denis did the best she could for Atara. He wanted her to know the abundance of his love. Therefore, by presenting the six rings maybe Dennis wanted Atara to see that he had more than 1000 reasons as to why he would marry her.