Man Proposes To His Girlfriend While She's Sleeping, Complete With Ring On Her Finger

man proposes to his girlfriend while she’s sleeping, complete with ring on her finger

One bloke was so obsessed with the perfect proposal that he decided not to propose at all.

Many women dream of that moment and practice how to say "yes" to their dream man. Jamilah Williams was robbed of that feeling since her boyfriend, Michael Mayorga, popped the question while she was passed out in bed.

The boyfriend put the ring on her finger, posted the couple's fantastic news on his Facebook, and went to bed.


Despite his best intentions, Michael didn't even ask his girlfriend. He did get creative, but you can't just post updates on your relationship without letting the other person know what's going on.

The soon-to-be groom took a photo of his sleeping girlfriend and posted it with a status update. People started commenting before Jamilah knew what was going on. One of his friends stated:

This is beautiful!!! She gone kick your butt about this pic though!!"


Another added:

"This is so sweet, can't believe she didn't wake up when he put the ring on congrats."

This person expressed their opinion: "At least he waited until her nails were done."

While this person asked: "Congrats IDK how you managed to get it on the finger."

Someone thought: "Damn, she look like 2 different people on her profile. Makeup is a hell of a drug." And this Facebook friend added: "When she see this, she is going to killllll you."


As for the fiancé, she wrote:

"YESSSSSSS! God, you literally just blew my mind.

"God, you are amazing to send me this man who loves me for real. Michael Mayorga, I love you so much."

She posted a better photo of the ring once she did her nails and had a proper cup of joe.

Congratulations to these crazy kids!