Man Pretends To Be Dead For 321 Days And Gets Acting Role On CSI

A man landed his dream role as a dead body on CSI: Vegas after posting a video on TikTok for 321 days in a row pretending to be dead.

It turns out that by working hard, being dedicated, and making hundreds of videos of yourself playing dead, you can get into a big TV show and have your chance at fame.

At least, that's how Josh Nalley from Kentucky did it. Every day he uploaded video after video to his TikTok account pretending to be dead in the hopes of being cast in a show as a corpse.

He finally achieved his goal after 321 days of painstakingly pretending to be dead. CSI: Vegas contacted him after discovering the viral star and offered him the chance to play the role of a dead body in one of their episodes.

According to the Courier-Journal, he admitted that he had no acting experience but that time and lots of practice had helped him develop his ability to portray a corpse more convincingly.

He said: "I don't like speaking on camera, but I can lie there and act like I am dead pretty easily.

"Having done more than 300 of these posts, I have progressed and gotten better. At first, you could see me breathing, or the fake blood looked really bad."

"I have gotten rid of using the blood and gotten better at holding my breath."

Josh found out that the key to a believable corpse shot was to have some movement in the video so that it did not just appear like a photograph; so while he remained still in a grave, his environment was active and mobile.

According to him, the inspiration for the concept came after seeing a woman post about hot sauce on TikTok and getting a ton of offers from retailers. This made him wonder whether he could accomplish the same thing by portraying a dead body on television.

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing for him while he was on set; he disclosed that he unintentionally blew one take by leaving his phone on, and of course, a telemarketer decided to ring him at the worst possible time.

Even though he has no plans to quit his day job as a restaurant manager, Josh has gotten a lot of other offers to play a dead body for other productions, so maybe his shot at fame is only getting started.

In the meantime, he continues to share videos of himself acting dead for the "enjoyment" of his followers - if we can call it that.

Who knows what other projects he'll appear in as a corpse?