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Man Praised For Taking Terminally Ill Friend's Virginity

Man Praised For Taking Terminally Ill Friend's Virginity

A man hailed for fulfilling his friend's dying wish: "to lose her virginity before she died."

The anonymous man, known only as u/songrounding_, took to Reddit on the first anniversary of his friend's passing to share his story.

In the post titled, "I took my terminally ill friend's virginity before she passed," the 31-year-old said he was friends with a woman for six years who got cancer.

The woman's cancer was aggressive and she wasn't interested in undergoing more chemo. She simply wanted to "enjoy the time she had left."

One night while the two were having drinks, the woman admitted to him that she was still a virgin and didn't want to die that way.

However, she didn't want to have sex with a stranger for the sake of it. Instead, she wanted it to be with someone she trusted.

She then asked him if he would be that person.

The man explained:

"She didn't force me to do anything I didn't want to, she asked but was willing to drop it and pretend it never happened if I decided no."

Keen to fulfill his friend's dying wish, the man said he decided to make it "extra special."

Man Praised For Taking Terminally Ill Friend's Virginity

He booked a nice hotel room, placed candles all over the room, and generally tried to set a very romantic scene so that his friend would have a unique experience.

He explained:

"[It] was the first time I ever had sex with someone I loved but wasn't in love with if that makes sense."

"It was still a very intense experience. Not in a bad way. There were still lots of emotions."

He continued:

"Even though she seemed so happy she got to lose her virginity to someone she trusts, part of me wonders if I did take advantage. If I was wrong for saying yes."

"It's just hard because I miss her so much. But I'm still glad. At least I got to give her something before she left."

Man Praised For Taking Terminally Ill Friend's Virginity

Soon after the man shared his story, it went viral, with the Reddit community praising him. More than 800 users commented on the post, many offering support to the man for being a caring friend.

One Redditor wrote:

"This is a beautiful story, man. You did so right by her. I'm sorry for your loss, she seemed like an amazing woman."

Another said:

"I think you did a wonderful thing. She wanted to experience something with someone she cared about, and that's exactly what you did."

While another added:

"Honestly, what you did for your friend is a beautiful thing. No, you never took advantage of her."

"She's trusted you with one of her last wishes, and you should be honored. You're an amazing, trustworthy person!"

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, the man thanked the Reddit community in a follow-up post, writing:

"I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words and support. Today has been such a hard day, but you have all made me feel lighter."