Weird Story

Man Obsessed With Fishing Builds House On Top Of Pond

For a considerable amount of time, Paul Phillips had nurtured the aspiration of owning a house that would allow him to indulge in his passion for fishing to the fullest.

In the previous year, he purchased a plot of land in Skiatook, located close to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and proceeded to build a cozy abode overlooking a small pond, fulfilling his lifelong desire.

However, what made this dwelling truly extraordinary was a concealed trapdoor in the floor that provided Paul with the convenience of casting his fishing line from the comfort of his living room, making it a daily routine.

At first, the pond on his property was completely devoid of fish. Consequently, Paul had to venture out to other locations to catch fish and then transport them to his personal mini-nature reserve.

In an interview with NewsOn6, Paul explained how his passion for fishing led him to create this unique setup, saying "I fish every day, it's what I love to do." He went on to elaborate that he had rented a bulldozer and dug the pond himself.

Paul became fixated on constructing a house that had a concealed trapdoor for fishing after being prohibited from fishing at the nearby Lake Oologah.

The prohibition left him so incensed that he resolved to construct a dwelling where he could enjoy his pastime without any interference from others.

Presently, he has ample space to fish from the porch that surrounds three sides of his wooden abode. However, the most remarkable feature is the aperture in the living room's floor through which he can indulge in his passion for fishing.

Thanks to his incredible wooden structure, Paul no longer has to endure harsh weather conditions while fishing. He can now sit comfortably on his rocking chair, drop his fishing line into the waters below from the living room floor, and patiently wait for dinner to bite.

Despite the house being everything he had envisioned and yearned for, Paul has made the decision to put the 1,850 square foot property, boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms, on the market just a few months after moving in.

Paul asserts that constructing this particular dwelling was an enjoyable experience and that he intends to repeat the process once more, but on a larger scale this time.