Man Murdered Boss's Entire Family After Being Rejected For Promotion

The man who is accused of murdering his boss's entire family after being denied a promotion has been arrested by the authorities. Fang Lu, aged 58, was taken into custody after he arrived in San Francisco from China this week. The incident occurred eight years ago when he allegedly killed the Sun family in Houston, Texas.

Lu Faces Multiple Capital Murder Charges

According to reports, on January 30, 2014, Fang Lu allegedly committed the murder of Maoye Sun, 50, Mei Xie, 49, Timothy Sun, 9, and Titus Sun, 7, who were all found dead in their separate bedrooms with gunshot wounds to their heads.


His Motivation For The Brutal Killings Was Shocking

The Houston Chronicle obtained court documents revealing that Lu's motive for the murder was his anger towards Maoye, his boss at Cameron International Corporation, now known as Schlumberger, an oil and gas company.

Lu had hoped to transfer to another department and had asked Maoye to recommend him. However, Lu believed that Maoye spoke negatively about him, causing him to miss out on the promotion. Lu also claimed that his colleagues treated him differently after he asked about the promotion.


On January 30, 2014, he allegedly killed Maoye, MeiXie, Timothy, and Titus Sun because of this perceived injustice

Lu Has Always Denied The Killings

Although Fang Lu told the police that he was angry about the situation, he denied murdering anyone. However, his statements have been inconsistent. He provided different accounts about buying a gun and returning it to the store without a barrel. When the police obtained an arrest warrant, Lu had already fled the country.


DNA Has Since Tied Him To The Scene

Lu's DNA was found mixed with DNA from a Coach purse at the scene of the crime by forensic technicians. Police were concerned they may not be able to apprehend Lu, but they were able to catch him when he arrived in California on Sunday. If found guilty, he faces life imprisonment.