Man Loses Feeling In His Legs And Almost Dies Due To Massive Poop

A man nearly died and lost sensation in his legs due to his inability to pass an enormous bowel movement.

We have all experienced situations where things have taken longer than usual.

In the worst cases, some people may have experienced an unpleasant sensation of pins and needles after sitting on the toilet for an extended period.

However, it is quite uncommon to experience constipation severe enough to cause paralysis.

After experiencing abdominal pain, swelling, and nausea for three days, a 53-year-old man decided to go to the hospital.

His most severe symptom, however, was the pain in his right leg, which had been immobile for 24 hours.

According to the doctors' case report, the leg had no detectable pulse and felt cold to the touch.

Upon reviewing his medical history, it was discovered that he had not taken any drugs, had no risk factors for vascular disease, and had no significant medical conditions.

As it turns out, he was incredibly constipated.

According to the doctors, a rectal examination revealed that the man had fecal impaction.

An abdominal scan revealed that he was experiencing severe fecal impaction and potentially life-threatening abdominal compartment syndrome, characterized by increased pressure in the abdomen.

Reportedly, his fecal matter had accumulated to such an extent that it had distended his large intestine and exerted pressure on his right iliac artery.

The significant pressure caused both leg pain and paralysis.

He also exhibited signs of renal impairment and metabolic acidosis, a condition where the kidneys fail to eliminate sufficient amounts of acid from the body.

Due to the severity of his condition, the man was immediately taken into surgery to remove the fecal impaction and alleviate the pressure in his abdomen.

Following the removal of the substantial amount of fecal matter, he was prescribed a medication similar to a laxative.

After four days, he was discharged from intensive care; however, it took an additional 13 days before he regained the ability to walk.

The doctors were uncertain about the reason for his fecal impaction.

Constipation at this level can be extremely hazardous.

In 2015, a teenage girl with a toilet phobia passed away after withholding bowel movements for eight weeks.

The fecal impaction caused her chest cavity to compress, ultimately resulting in a fatal heart attack.

If you experience difficulty with this level of constipation, it is essential to promptly seek professional medical attention.

It is never advisable to withhold or suppress the urge to defecate.