Man Leaves Billionaire Adoptive Parents To Go Back To His Millionaire Birth Parents

A person who was taken away as a young child has severed ties with his wealthy adoptive parents and reunited with his biological parents.

Mei Zhiqiang was a mere two-year-old when he was abducted from in front of his residence in Yunnan province by human traffickers and sold to another family in 1997.

However, they eventually discarded him for being perceived as "too thin and small."

Eventually, Mei was taken in and adopted by a highly affluent family in the southeast province of Fujian.

According to reports, his adoptive parents held the view that "studying was pointless," and upon his graduation from high school, Mei started working for their hospital.

The 27-year-old informed Jiupai News, a Chinese media outlet, that he always had a sense that he wasn't their genuine child.

Since his disappearance, Mei's biological parents, Mei Xianhua and Pan Chang'e, have been tirelessly searching for him.

Previously speaking about their struggle, Mei's father referred to them as "two mad people" searching for their son.

They informed local media that they were unable to properly observe Spring Festival, which signifies the beginning of a new life, while he was still missing.

Mei's older sister and younger brothers would commemorate his birthday every year.

But never losing faith, his biological mother and father purchased a home for Mei, holding onto the belief that one day he would come back to them.

And after over two decades of longing and anticipation, Mei was finally reunited with his parents in June of the previous year.

A friend of Mei's parents, Du Xiaohua, aided them in matching the DNA of their son.

Since leaving his wealthy adoptive parents and returning home, Mei has begun working in the family's hospitality supplies business.

His father aspires that someday he will fully take over the business.

He said: "No matter how rich they are, their love is different from ours – the love of birth parents."

Mei added: "I can see my parents' love for me."

Upon learning of Mei's remarkable story, individuals have turned to social media to extend words of encouragement to him and his family.

While some may ponder why he abandoned such a wealthy family, one person commented: "The adoptive family is billionaire, so what? He didn't have a happy childhood."

"I am glad to see him find happiness now."