Man Leaves $1000 Tip While Blackout Drunk Then Demands It Back When Sober

man leaves $1000 tip while blackout drunk then demands it back when sober

Drunkenness can inspire an insane level of generosity in some people. That is why many people wake up shocked that they burned through a lot of cash after a night of drinking.

For instance, a customer decided to leave a $1,088 tip to rethink the decision later and demand it back.

The incident took place at a Thai restaurant in Colorado, Thailicious, which is owned by Bee Anantatho.

The waiter who got the generous tip gave it to Bee: he wanted to put it in the tip jar. The staff shares out all the tips at the end of the day.

Bee said that the waiter who got the tip was especially happy with the reward since he had only heard of such stories. Finally, he had seen a 1000-dollar tip in real life.

The best they had seen were tips worth hundreds of dollars. A thousand-dollar tip was unheard of.

Unfortunately, the waiter would not enjoy the tip for long because, soon afterward, the customer came back demanding his money back.

As it turns out, he made an error when leaving the tip:

"I'm sorry, I was drunk."

man leaves $1000 tip while blackout drunk then demands it back when sober

The customer had no idea he had put all the money he had in the checkbook as a tip. Eventually, he left a $40 tip after having a meal worth about $100.

The question is, can someone take back their tip after leaving it? The truth is that this restaurant actually did.

Restaurants probably have to deal with situations where drunk patrons leave excess tips and then return to demand refunds. Of course, some people turn into total a-holes after a few drinks and forget to leave any tip.

However, the large tips probably make up for the under-tipping incidences waiters often face after feeding drunk clients.

Granted, this restaurant was under no obligation to give back a tip. Still, this story helps highlight how incredibly generous people can get once they get drunk.