Man Kills Girlfriend's Young Daughter, 3 Others In Argument Over Stimulus Check

Man Kills Girlfriend's Young Daughter, 3 Others In Argument Over Stimulus Check

An Indianapolis man is charged with the killings of three adults and a child. The incident happened after he and a former girlfriend argued because he wanted a share of her federal COVID-19 relief money.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears stated that Malik Halfarce, 25, faces four counts of murder, one count each of attempted murder, armed robbery, auto theft, and other charges.

Allegedly, Halfacre first shot his ex-girlfriend, Jeanettrius Moore, mother of his 6-month-old daughter. The ex-girlfriend is in critical condition.

Next, he fatally shot four of her relatives who were with her at the time. The officers revealed that the victims are Anthony Johnson, 35, Dequan Moore, 23, Tomeeka Brown, 44, and 7-year-old Eve Moore.

Eve Moore was the daughter of the injured Jeanettrius Moore. Tomeeka Brown was her mother, Dequan Moore was her brother, and Anthony Johnson was her cousin.

What Happened On The Day Of The Murders

Jeanettrius Moore's cousin, Wendy Johnson, said Halfacre was pressuring Moore to give him half of her stimulus money before the shooting. She recalled Moore telling Halfacre:

"No, you don't deserve any of this. I work. I take care of our child. You don't do anything."

After he continued to pressure the woman, she told him he could get 450 USD. He wanted more, and said he would "get that money."

Johnson explained that Halfarce had an "evil look" when he approached Moore on Saturday, March 13. He left but came back and started an argument with Dequan Moore. That's when the killings started.

She explained:

"He shot Daquan first. He shot Anthony, he turned around, and he shot my Auntie Tomeeka. My Auntie Tomeeka said, 'Malik!' and he shot her again. He came back and shot Daquan for the second time and somewhere between little baby Eve got hit somewhere and she was screaming, she was screaming."

"He went back in the house, and that's when he shot Anthony again when he was coming down the steps. When he went into the house, that was Jeanettrius' cue to run for her life, and that's what she did. Ran for her life in traffic across New York Street and knocking on everyone's doors."

Halfacre then took his daughter with him, but after a four-hour SWAT standoff. According to the affidavit, almost 24 hours later, the baby was found unharmed at the home of Halfacre's sister.

The killer faces the death penalty.

After she was shot Jeanettrius Moore managed to escape and call the police.