Man Jumps Building After Being Caught 'Chopping' Another Man's Girlfriend


A man jumped from a two-story building after he was caught with another man's girlfriend.

Getting caught cheating with someone else's lover can be dangerous for both parties. But escaping the situation is sometimes the trickiest part.

In a new viral video, a man was caught smashing someone's girlfriend and trying to escape by jumping off the balcony.

The video begins with the boyfriend in a heated argument with his lover after finding her with another man.


According to reports, the boyfriend was paying a surprise visit to the girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers.

However, he got the shock of his life after finding her with another man.

In the video, the woman—draped in a white towel—tried to explain the situation.

But the boyfriend, who's already in full rage, tossed the flowers on the ground, trying to contain his anger.


The man then walks up the stairway to confront his girlfriend's secret lover.

But as soon as he walks into the building, the secret lover jumps off the balcony while wearing only blue underpants.

After the jump, he hurts his leg, but that didn't stop him from running for his life.


This Isn't the First Time a Man Has Jumped Out Off An Apartment After Being Caught with Someone's Lover

Just recently, a Russian man named Joe was caught fooling around with another man's wife. So, he tried to escape by jumping out the window using a bedsheet rope.


Well, Joe wasn't just a few feet off the ground but was jumping out of a third-story window.

However, things took a turn for the worst when people started filming and beating Joe up as he climbed down the blanket rope.


The viral video starts with Joe wearing nothing but his underwear as the wife throws his clothes over the balcony for him to collect on the ground.

Meanwhile, the enraged husband attempts to get at the man while the wife holds him back.

The highlight of this video, by far, however, has nothing to do with this love triangle. It's all about the old lady whacking the guy with a broom—she's like a living cartoon.


The moment where the man almost lost grip of the rope is definitely scary to watch. The woman was still hitting him with the broom while he struggled to regain control of his grasp.

Did cheating Joe make it home? The world may never know as the video ends before he reaches the ground.

But if he did, it's likely he won't try fooling around with another man's wife again.