Man Has Trouble Going To The Bathroom For 22 Years Until Doctors Remove 30 Pound Monster From Him

We always make sure that we eat healthy food and follow a healthy lifestyle to live longer and healthier throughout our lives. But what if you always struggle every time you have to go to the bathroom?

Constipation is something that we are dreading to experience, but what if we have to go through more than that for decades?

This is exactly what happened to a Chinese man diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease.

What's Hirschsprung's disease, and how dangerous is it?

Hirschsprung's disease affects the colon or large intestine. This condition makes it difficult for an individual to have regular bowel movements. The disease starts from birth, and unfortunately, the individual has to live with it for the rest of his or her life.

Surgery can correct this problem, but without proper treatment and diagnosis, the person can suffer for a long time.

This man, who remained to be anonymous, suffered Hirschprung's disease for 22 years. He can only pass a minimal amount of stool at a time, and the rest of it started to build up and get stuck inside his intestines.

David Rosenfield explained that this patient began to look "pregnant. " The patient was not able to receive adequate treatment for this long, and his fecal matter continued to back up inside him and made his life miserable.

The man eventually needed to undergo surgery, and the doctors were shocked by what they pulled out of his body!

After 22 years, the doctors were able to remove 30lbs of backed-up waste inside the man's system. After the successful surgery, the man was 30lbs lighter.

The doctors explained that he was lucky that this build-up did not cause his colon to rupture. If it did, it could have caused his life.

This is because if the fecal matter managed to leak out of his colon and had gotten into his bloodstream, it would have been instant death. He was battling this condition for decades, but it could have gotten much worse if he continued ignoring it.

Never ignore the symptoms!

This is why doctors always advise us that if symptoms appear, get it checked out immediately! Never ignore it and wait until it gets worse. It can have disastrous consequences. The man's story was shared on Mail Online, and many readers shared their reactions to what this man suffered.

Other people were also wondering how this Chinese man was able to avoid infection and blood poisoning. Some have suspicions that he was using laxatives to at least empty his colon, just enough to prevent it from rupturing. Still, it might have been a tiny margin, and he was fortunate that he had gotten help before it was too late.

One of the readers shared that her son also had a similar condition and was diagnosed with Meckles Diverticulitis. He was constipated all the time, and he was not diagnosed until he was 14 years old.

She also shared that some people were making jokes about her son, not knowing that it's a serious condition that is embarrassing and painful and can be deadly if it's untreated. She also wrote:

"To the people making jokes, be more sensitive. It could have been you or a loved one."