Man Gets Only Four Years In Jail After Raping A 3-Month-Old And Breaking Her Ribs

Andrew Glasser, 33, from Bismarck, caused 'significant injury' to a three-month-old girl whom he assaulted and raped.

The sickening incident unfolded when the baby was brought to a hospital. She had several injuries that raised suspicion.

After careful examination, medical examiners concluded that the baby had suffered several rib fractures due to squeezing.

They also diagnosed trauma wounds in several parts of the child's body.


At the time, it was unclear as to how Glasser was related to the baby.

However, the doctors suspected his stomach-turning actions against the innocent child after failing to provide convincing answers.

Glasser claimed he accidentally hurt the baby when he pushed her legs and stomach to 'relieve gas.' But he couldn't come up with an explanation for the sexual assault injuries.

As A Result, The Doctors Contacted Authorities

After police took Glasser into custody, they discovered he had reset his phone's settings to wipe internet search history.


However, forensic analysis revealed that he had downloaded several child pornography for quite some time.

Julie Lawyer, the Burleigh County State's Attorney, said examiners also found several images of child pornography on his phone.

With all the evidence stacked against him, Glasser had his back against the wall.

He Entered Into An Alford Plea To His Sexual Assault Charges

Alford plea meant that Glasser didn't plead guilty to the court, but agreed that there's enough evidence.


His attorney also noted that Glasser had to register as an offender against children and a sex offender.

The defense attorney added:

"His life is over as he knows it."

Glasser, who had been working two jobs, told the court during the plea:

"I'm trying to get my life back after it stopped on a dime two years ago."

His lawyers further revealed Glasser had expressed his apologies to 'victims affected' and requested a probation sentence.


But Reich said that he had to incarcerate Glasser, else he would be failing in his duty.

Judge Reich added that he found the case 'troubling' and pointing out:

"I keep coming back to the victim. This is a very young, helpless victim."

Reich then sentenced Glasser to four years in prison. In addition to his imprisonment, Glasser had to spend five years on probation.