Man Gets Knocked Out Cold In Taco Bell After Swinging For Worker

A man who caused trouble at a Taco Bell in Wales was knocked unconscious and ended up on the floor. Footage captured from the incident at the Swansea branch of the restaurant shows the aggressive man lunging at a worker, but instead of attacking, he ended up knocked out cold.

1. It's Unclear What The Man's Problem Was

Nevertheless, the video footage captures the man shouting and behaving aggressively towards the workers. Despite another man's attempt to restrain him, the unruly customer violently pulled delivery bags off a table and proceeded to lunge at one of the employees while attempting to throw a punch.

2. The Worker Saw Him Coming

The Taco Bell employee anticipated the man's attack and lifted him up, throwing him over his shoulder. However, in the process, he dropped the man headfirst onto the floor, causing him to lay motionless while onlookers watched.

3. Other Customers Were Horrified

The man who was attempting to restrain the aggressive individual called for someone to contact the police, and the injured man was observed with blood seeping out of his head. Although law enforcement was notified, the individuals had left before officers arrived on the scene.

4. The Taco Bell Employee Isn't Being Held Responsible For What Happened

"We are aware of the incident that recently occurred in our Swansea restaurant. The restaurant franchisee has fully cooperated with the police and no further action will be taken. We take the safety and wellbeing of our team and customers very seriously and do not tolerate any form of abuse in our restaurants and wider business," a spokesperson shared.

Although there were no official reports of any serious injuries, it is highly probable that the man who fell suffered from a concussion at the very least.