Man Found Not Guilty After Shooting YouTuber During Video Prank

A jury has declared Alan Colie innocent, even though he shot a YouTuber named Tanner Cook in the stomach.

The incident occurred when Cook and a friend approached Colie for a prank video at a mall. Colie faced multiple charges after shooting Cook but argued that he acted in self-defense.

He also mentioned that he carried a revolver to work due to stories of other delivery drivers being robbed.

On April 2, Cook and his friend confronted Colie at the food court in the Dulles Town Center to film a video for their YouTube prank channel.

In a recorded video, Cook held the phone close to Colie's ear while playing a translation app sentence, causing Colie to back away.

According to Colie, the two individuals had a demeanor that seemed "very chilly and hostile," and he was perplexed by the phrase being played.

In the video, which hasn't been released to the public, you can observe Colie shooting Cook after they approached him. Notably, Cook didn't make physical contact with him at any point.

Speaking to the jury, Colie explained: "In my mind, I registered that he was a threat to me, and he was going to harm me. I saw his left hand down in his left pocket. I didn't know if he was concealing a weapon."

"For the sake of my safety, I took out the gun from my right pocket and I shot him in the stomach. At that time, I was fearful that my life was in danger."

Eden Holmes, an assistant district attorney, inquired Colie about the brief 20-second interaction.

She asked: "In those 20 seconds, you felt the only option was to take out your gun?"

Colie answered: "Those were my thoughts."

"We don't like our personal space invaded, but that does not justify the ability to shoot someone in a public space during an interaction that lasted for only 20 seconds'," Holmes later stated.

Adam Pouilliard, the defense attorney representing Colie, declared: "Colie walked into the mall to do his job with no intention of interacting with Tanner Cook. None."

"He's sitting next to his defense attorneys right now. How's that for a consequence?"

Furthermore, the prosecution argued that Cook was without any weapons and had never made physical contact with Colie.

The verdict acquitted Colie of charges related to severe harm or severe harm with the use of a firearm. However, he was convicted for discharging a firearm within a mall.

In response to the outcome, Cook expressed: "I really don't care, I mean it is what it is. It's God's plan at the end of the day."

Marla Elam, Cook's mother, expressed her acceptance of the court's not guilty verdict and her immense relief that her son is still alive.

"Nothing else matters right now," she shared.