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Man Forgets Wife After Toilet Break On Road Trip And She's Forced To Walk 12 Miles To Find Him

A man in Thailand has gotten into trouble with his wife after he accidentally left her stranded during a Christmas Day road trip. She ended up walking 12 miles to find him.

This is a serious situation since much can happen on the road.

According to the Thai news site Matichon, Boontom Chaimoon, 55, and his wife, Amnuay Chaimoon, 49, were driving to spend Christmas in her hometown in the province of Maha Sarakham.

However, at around 3 am, Boontom stopped the car since nature called and he needed to empty his bladder.

Amnuay inquired of her husband as to why he hadn't stopped at a petrol station they had just passed. When he didn't respond, she took the opportunity to also use the toilet and got out of the car.

Upon returning to the road, Amnuay was shocked to discover that both the car and her husband were gone, leaving her alone in the countryside in the middle of the night.

Without money or a phone - which she had left in the car while she used the toilet - Amnuay had no choice but to begin walking toward civilization.

She walked nearly 12 and a half miles before eventually reaching the district of Kabin Buri around 5 am. Local police attempted to help her get in touch with her oblivious husband, but that proved to be a difficult task.

She couldn't remember her husband's phone number, so police called her own phone multiple times but Boontom did not answer.

Finally, at around 8 am, the police were able to make contact with Boontom, who had already driven 160 kilometers up the road. When he returned, Amnuay was understandably furious with him.

The couple resumed their journey and, no doubt, Boontom made sure to never lose sight of his wife again.

It is unclear whether or not the incident caused any further problems in their relationship, but it is safe to say that Boontom learned a valuable lesson about paying closer attention to his surroundings and not taking his loved ones for granted.

Amnuay informed local police that he and his wife have been married for 27 years and have a son who is 26 years old before they set off on their journey again.

Social media users couldn't resist poking fun at Boontom.

"Now he won't forget the trip for the rest of his life," a Facebook user wrote.

"That's his last pee of his life," another commented.

"It's time to rethink your marriage...or rather who you married," a third shared.