Man Fined For Walking 280 Miles To 'Cool Off' After A Fight With His Wife

man fined for walking 280 miles to ‘cool off’ after a fight with his wife

Having an argument with your spouse can sometimes make you feel like you just want to walk away and never look back.

However, most of us never go that far and instead settle for taking a brisk walk or driving around the block.

One man didn't feel like kissing and making up after a fight with his wife, though.

In fact, he was so upset that he walked nearly half the length and more than the width of his home country, Italy.


A Walk To Remember

man fined for walking 280 miles to 'cool off' after a fight with his wife

The 48-year-old man from Como, who has not been identified, walked an astounding 280 miles to cool off after fighting with his wife.

This long walk to calm down ended up costing him a lot of money. He was fined for breaking rules implemented during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

It is reported that he was slapped with a fine of $525 after the police picked him up in the town of Fano, found on the Atlantic coast.


He was discovered a whole week after leaving his home without any food or drink for the journey ahead.

This surprisingly fit man was able to hike roughly 40 miles a day with no provisions.

Worried Wife

The wanderer's wife had reported him missing after she realized that he wasn't coming back home.

The police were hesitant at first to believe that he had been able to walk as far as he did. His wife verified his story though.


He told the officials that he simply wanted to clear his head, but he appeared very tired to them.

Given how far he walked to achieve this clearness, it comes as no surprise that the man was fatigued.

When asked how he was able to survive for so long and walk so far, he explained that people provided him with food along the way.

"I got here by foot. I ate and drank because the people I met along the way offered me water and food. I'm fine."


Funny Coincidence

The man was booked into a hotel for the night and it just happened to be one he knows.

He stayed in the same hotel he had shared with his wife on a previous trip they had made to Fano.

What a coincidence.

Perhaps fate was trying to remind the man of the relationship he shares with his wife.

A Steep Fine

The fine might seem like adding insult to injury for the man and his wife. However, he did break Italy's curfew rules.


There is a 10 pm to 5 am curfew in place to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus. By walking so far he obviously did not stick to it.

Maybe next time he will be satisfied with just a walk around the block or a few minutes alone in the bathroom.