Man Dumped By Girlfriend For Her Boss Gets Cheeky Revenge With Facebook Photo

man dumped by girlfriend for her boss gets cheeky revenge with facebook photo

People do weird things for love, and some get more creative when it comes to saying goodbye to their relationships.

Aaron Adams lost his girlfriend to her boss. But, instead of being bitter, he found the perfect way to let the world, well the ladies, know that he's single.

Turning the tables

Sidney Shelby, the ex, says she broke up with Adams after 8 months since she fell hard for her boss. It happens, but in this case, the girl fell in love on the first day of her new job at a tattoo parlor.


Clearly, it's better than Adams and Shelby ended things because if all it took is one day to end it, it wasn't real love.

Adams's Facebook profile photo included his now ex, and she asked him to remove it. Which he did, but in a quite cheeky manner.

The 29-year-old manager from Leeds, Alabama, USA, didn't merely replace the photo. He went a step further.

X for an ex

He liked the way he looked on his profile photo, and instead of having a post-break session of selfies, Adams updated it.

man dumped by girlfriend for her boss gets cheeky revenge with facebook photo

The Alabama native chose to put a red X over Sidney's face. Then added "position accessible" in turquoise composing on Sidney's correct arm.

And it worked!

Since changing the photo, it became a hit around the web. People are sharing it, and Adams has a good chance to find the right girl.

Aaron stated:

I sort of got the thought from Sidney. She propped up endlessly about me expecting to change my image.


Sydney was his inspiration:

I couldn't care less on the off chance that you need to edit me out or write me out. I simply don't have any desire to be in your profile picture anymore.

The exes aren't on the best terms, but, Adams is happy that he got to show off his creativity. He stated:

Being a person, I don't take a ton of pictures. I happened to truly like that one, so I just utilized my creativity and put an X over her face and composed "position accessible."


Adams' gone viral

man dumped by girlfriend for her boss gets cheeky revenge with facebook photo

The boyfriend is now hit on social media, including TikTok. The 29-year-old found his fame, and he doesn't mind it:

I never expected it [the post] to be anything like it is. People have made TikTok videos about it, photoshopped themselves in the picture.

I'm completely in shock since the post went viral. I've had a couple of girls from Australia reach out but that's on the opposite side of the world so doesn't really help me.


I even had some university students ring me from Canada and they said they wanted to do an astrological chart on me to see if I was a good person.

The majority of people who have reached out have been from the UK or Australia. I have had some offers to fill the position, but none from nearby.

Aaron's new profile has garnered various reactions since going viral, with some people calling him "savage" and "petty."


One commenter said:

You f***ing win the internet today.

Another added:

Savage airlines ready for take off.

One person kept it short:

He petty.

Sydney's side of the story

Since her ex became a hit, Sydney decided to tell her side of the story.

man dumped by girlfriend for her boss gets cheeky revenge with facebook photo

She said:

Immediately knew I was attracted to the owner, my mentor, the new boyfriend, which is how I knew I wasn't in love with Aaron.

So, I went home and told Aaron, "I want to break up. I'm attracted to my boss, I'm having very intense, strong feelings for him and I'm going to do something with him eventually.

I also told him, 'I'm only telling you this so you can know why I want to break up because you deserve honesty and a clean break instead of me cheating and sneaking behind your back".


Aaron concluded:

It was a bad situation. She decided she liked her boss after two days in a new job. She worked with him and decided that she liked him more.

But, she did tell Adams right away, and he can keep on looking. USA ladies, what are you waiting for? At least the guy has a sense of humor and creativity!