Man Drugs Baby With Cocaine So He Can Abuse Her While The Mom Lets Him

Monsters live among us. They can be hard to recognize because they look like you and me. But understand that you don't have to visit the movie theater to see hideous monsters doing their horrifying antics on the big screen.

For one poor little girl, the monsters were her mom and the man she gave free rein to terrorize and abuse her sexually.

Before we go any further, you have to agree that society as a whole would fare much better with such people behind bars. For good.

Anyway, the 40-year-old Illinois man, Matthew Miller, loaded a 2-year-old with cocaine before sexually abusing her.

The disgusting act happened twice

And as if that was not heinous enough, he even bit her several times as he helped himself to the toddler.

What's even more shocking is that the girl's mom, Lacey Take, knew about it and allowed it. Not only that, she helped Miller carry out his abuse.

Fortunately, the two are now in police custody. They will most likely spend several years behind bars. That, honestly, is the hope of many who have heard of this depressing story.

Knowledge of the abuse came to light when a hospital called the police about a possible sexual abuse case. The call was made by workers at Anderson Hospital in Troy, Illinois, after looking at the girl.

Soon after, a police investigation found out that the girl had been sexually abused and also physically assaulted, and that this had happened twice.

The first incident took place on June 10, while the second had happened on June 23. It was also highly likely cocaine was being used on the girl during the act.

Bite marks were also seen all over the girl's body, including her leg, foot, and hand.

Following the shocking discovery, the man was brought into police custody and charged with sexual assault and aggravated battery.

The woman was also arrested

Although Lacey did not harm the child in any way, she was an accomplice by standing by as the child underwent the abuse.

She is also facing child endangerment charges. That's for seeking no medical help for the girl after she suffered injuries during the assault.

In fact, so reckless was the woman that she allowed Miller to be left alone with the baby even after the assault happened despite being fully aware of it.

Understandably, she is also facing charges for permitting the sexual abuse of a child.

To make sure that the two would be going nowhere to avoid justice, the courts imposed hefty bonds of $1 million and $500,000 on Miller and Take, respectively.

Currently, the baby is at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, where she gets treatment and further examination.

Additional information about the girl has been withheld to safeguard her identity.

Obviously, when the story went viral, many were enraged. Not surprisingly, many do not think the two even deserve to breathe.

It is also the wish of many that the pair will live out the rest of their days behind bars. The two monsters should never be allowed to get close to young children ever again.