Weird Story

Man Dressed As Superman Gets Hit By Bus While Pretending To Stop It

man dressed as superman gets hit by bus while pretending to stop it

The next time you hear somebody saying that superheroes don't exist, remember this story.

Maybe the Avengers and DC superheroes are not real, but there surely are some situations from our everyday life that seems close to a superheroic adventure.

However, one thing is for sure. This young man will cherish the day forever when he decided to walk in Superman's suit.

What Happened Here?

A young comedian named Luiz Ribeiro de Andrade recently decided to get dressed as Superman to film his latest video.

And so he did it. On May 30, he walked casually across the streets in the municipality of Barra dos Coqueiros, feeling fearless, empathizing with the role.


Suddenly, a bright idea came to his mind, and he tried to mimic stopping the bus like a true Superman with his own bare hands.

Of course, the bus nearly knocked him over after it ran into him, but luckily, he was able to walk away without any injuries. After it all settled down, he even laughed the whole thing off.

Joke's On Me

Luiz didn't allow this nearly unfortunate event to make him blue.

He made a joke on his account:

"Now I've seen I really am made of steel."


In another part of the video he made, this man even commented that he would complain about the vehicle's brakes because they didn't work.

And how many of you thought that the bus driver would have expected Superman right in front of him, trying to stop the vehicle in the street?

Well, exactly!

Calculations Gone Wrong

Since this video and especially the quote for the brakes of the bus went viral in an instant, media was all around Luiz to ask for an explanation of the whole situation.


Then the following day, Luiz told F5 News that the problem was his bad math. Somehow, he miscalculated his distance from the bus and that's the main reason why he got hit.

Moreover, he explained that he didn't think there was anything wrong with the brakes on the bus and that the accident was all his fault.

Statements Comming All The Way

Despite Luiz's explanation, Setransp, the transport company that runs the bus decided to put out a statement.

In it, they tried to point out how important to them indeed is the attention to traffic. Also, they made sure to explain that the necessary care for all customers and pedestrians was and always will be one of the goals for their company.

Thank you, Lord, For Your Kind Mercy


In the end, the young comedian thanked God for protecting him. He was aware that he could have ended with many serious injuries from the sudden bus hit.

The lucky guy Luiz Ribeiro de Andrade claimed that the bus driver did everything he could. And he's not the one to blame:

"He did what he could and I acted wrong. It's a stunt I always do, but this time it almost turned into an accident, and it wasn't serious because the hand of God was there."

On the contrary, all fingers should be pointed at him, Luiz, for acting wrong.

Luiz added:

"I didn't feel anything with the knock. I was hit through my own fault and a miracle of God took place there. God acted at that time and protected me."

It was his luck this time. But although God works in his mysterious ways, we all bet that he would prefer if Luiz keeps his hands away from buses and other vehicles in the future.