Man Decides To Try Restaurant's $5K Challenge

Man Decides To Try Restaurant's $5K Challenge

Have you ever tried a challenge that seemed too easy to pass up? Sometimes, we see these challenges and wonder why no one has done them before.

In the funny story ahead, a guy decides to test a restaurant's unusual claim to win $5000. It looks like a piece of cake!

Restaurants and businesses make these wild claims for a reason, and you'll find out why in this hilarious joke.

In New Orleans, there's a restaurant that boasts it can serve you anything you desire. If they fail, they'll apologize with a $5000 gift.

A man strolling by notices this claim at the restaurant's entrance. He thinks it's nonsense but decides to test it anyway.

Inside, a waiter escorts him to a table and asks, "What can we make for you today, Sir?"

Man: "I'd like an elephant's ear and a muffin, please."

Waiter: "Just a moment, please."

The waiter vanishes into the kitchen. As minutes pass, the man believes he's about to score an easy $5000 because they're taking so long.

Finally, the waiter returns, looking a bit anxious. He inquires, "Sorry, Sir, but could you specify which type of elephant you'd like the ear from?"

The man is taken aback; he didn't anticipate this question.

Man: "Ummm… An Indian elephant is fine."

Waiter: "Thank you."

The waiter hurries back to the kitchen.

One minute later, he reappears.

Waiter: "And which side of the ear would you prefer, left or right?"

The man is now feeling the pressure.

Man: "Uh… Left ear, I guess…"

Waiter: "Excellent."

Once more, the waiter heads to the kitchen.

The man is anxious, worried about how much this special ear will cost him.

After five minutes, the waiter returns with a plate of food and $5000.

Waiter: "Here's your order, Sir. We apologize, but we've run out of muffins today."