Man Criticized For Failing To Take Heavily Pregnant Girlfriend To The Hospital

A man is facing criticism for his heartless conduct toward his girlfriend who is heavily pregnant. Despite her urgent requirement for medical attention, he allegedly declined to take her to the hospital and rather showed his 'frustration' towards her health concerns. The man's uncompassionate behavior has caused an uproar, with numerous individuals expressing abhorrence and anxiety for the safety of both the mother and her unborn child.

The inhumane behavior of a soon-to-be father towards his heavily pregnant girlfriend has triggered fury and apprehension on social media.

The man's account on Reddit started with his musings on how he has been coping since his girlfriend reached eight months of pregnancy.

Nonetheless, his post took a stunning turn as he disclosed that he had declined to take her to the hospital, despite her urgent necessity for medical attention, resulting in widespread condemnation.

With their baby's due date approaching, which is less than a month away from the beginning of May, anxious individuals have inundated social media with their apprehension over the man's alarming admission.

Numerous individuals have censured the man for his unfeeling demeanor and absence of compassion toward his partner's welfare.

The man's stunning admission concluded with him disclosing that his girlfriend is regarding him as the 'a**hole'.

The man's post has elicited an enormous reaction, with thousands of comments flooding in, and the general agreement is overwhelmingly against him.

Commenters' general sentiment is that the man's conduct was intolerable, and he was unequivocally the 'a**hole' in the circumstance.

One Reddit user commented: "I've been pregnant three times. The rule of thumb is if you're worried at all, even if it feels dumb, you get checked out."

"The medical staff always prefer that you go in over nothing, rather than leave it too late with something. Screw this guy."

Another commenter branded the man a 'manipulative monster,' while a third person wrote: "What an awful person."

Someone else said: "27 and 21, she doesn't have family or friends to support her, so she's isolated, and she's pregnant. The perfect situation for her to be abused, and he's clearly taking advantage of that."

Another wrote: "He conveniently left that out of the post, making her out to seem like an uptight hypochondriac when in reality she has POTS, fainted while pregnant, and experienced contractions early on in the pregnancy. This woman has every right to be afraid and absolutely should be seeing a doctor if anything feels wrong."

The man's behavior has astonished and incensed readers.

"This is so f***ed and terrifying," a final Reddit user added, "this poor woman is trapped with this man."