Man Create 7 Extra Hours Of Housework For Women A Week, Study Finds

Man Create 7 Extra Hours Of Housework For Women A Week, Study Finds

I don't know who the results of this study are supposed to surprise, but it's nice they have finally determined just how much work married men add to their wives' household chores.

So, what wives have always suspected is true-men add to their housework in a big way. According to science, men add 7 hours of work to their week.

The surprising thing is that wives, on their part, reduce the amount of housework men have by an hour over the same period.

1. The Numbers Just Don't Add Up

The study took place at the University of Michigan. In general, they discovered that women did more housework than their husbands. That's hardly shocking. It's practically the cultural norm.

However, the changes in the way labor around the house is distributed after marriage is still worth considering. Men had an increase in their work as well, but outside the home. But women, on the other hand, experienced an increase in their work responsibilities within the house.

2. Kids Make It Worse, Much Worse

In addition to men adding to the work responsibilities women have within a household, the women experience even more responsibilities when kids come along. They usually have to look after the kids and clean up on their own, while men do not experience any significant increase in their household chores.

3. Married Women Are Always Cleaning

Yep, the work just never stops. It's that bad. Apparently, single women spend just 12 hours a week cleaning up, while married women spend twice as much time cleaning. That means cleaning is pretty much a full-time job for these women.

4. It's Not All Bad

Apparently, things have improved since the 70s. The amount of time married women spend on housework has decreased by 2 hours since then.

From 28 hours a week, the amount of time these women spend on household chores has gone down to 26 hours. Under the circumstances, I think that counts as a huge improvement.

5. Some Changes Clearly Needed

Yes, we see there is a problem here. Never mind that things have improved since the 70s. In a relationship, there should be a partnership.

We should be equals.

Women are not condemned to do all the tedious chores that a house needs to keep going. Both partners need to work together to make things easier for each other.

It's not fair that women have to do most of the work. It has never been, and it never will, even if things have improved slightly.

As it is, women don't get a fair deal when marriages happen as they end up doing more work around the home. But any relationship with loving couples would not let this injustice continue. Partners need to share housework for the mutual benefit of both parties.