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Man Consumes Nothing But Beer For Lent To Raise Money For Hospitality Industry

man consumes nothing but beer for lent to raise money for hospitality industry

Brewery owner Del Hall is back living strictly on beer for Lent. He is doing this as part of his effort to raise money to support the hospitality industry, which took a huge hit during the lockdown.

Del began his commitment on 17 February (aka Ash Wednesday or "the day after Pancake Day") and intends to live on a beer-only diet for 46 days until Easter (the 4th of April).

Shockingly, the army veteran has since lost more than 22.2 lbs. When Del completed his bizarre diet for the second time in 2020, he lost almost 50 lbs, only drinking beer!

He also raised over $10k before for a local charity during the pandemic. This time, the "Beer Diet Innovator" is aiming to raise at least $50k and lose 40 lbs.

man consumes nothing but beer for lent to raise money for hospitality industry
man consumes nothing but beer for lent to raise money for hospitality industry

If you were wondering where all the money is going, this beer lover has created "SgtDel's Virtual Tip Jar" where 100% of donations will be directly transferred to the bars' and restaurants' staff and in Southern Ohio or Northern Kentucky.

And if you own a bar and want to participate, all you need to do to sign up is contact Del directly.

They will send you a marketing package, and you will receive part of whatever they raise. (As long as you have a liquor permit)

In an interview with LADbible in 2019, Del explained how he had lost weight after following this tradition of 18th-century Bavarian monks. He said:

"I'm feeling great! I went from 292.5 to 248.5. I lost 44 pounds. Not a single cheat! I plan to continue to lose weight through a protocol of intermittent fasting and portion control."

Del spoke about his health improvements.

"My cholesterol went down, my blood pressure went down, and my blood sugar went down. All improvements."

He explained how he'd drink 2-5 beers a day without necessarily having a morning beer as he's nowhere near being a breakfast person.

Speaking in one of his YouTube videos, Del said: "I normally have my first beer some time in the afternoon and I might have one whenever I'm feeling a bit peckish."

He added:

"At night I might have two to three beers at the house and that's pretty much a typical day."

Would you try Del's strict beer-only diet? We could already guess your answer: "not in a million years!"