Man Chooses To Live Like Dog, Eats From Bowl And Barks At Friends In Street

People have fought long and hard to be whatever they want to be in life. That is why today we have societies where people can identify however they like when it comes to politics, religion, and even gender.

But a few unique individuals have taken things a little too far. Consider Kaz James from Salford, Greater Manchester, for instance. He is a man who claims to have felt he was a dog since he was a child.

Today, he no longer fights this feeling, instead, he has decided to live like a dog. He eats like a dog out of a bowl, wears a dog mask, and barks at friends as a form of greeting.

The surprising thing is that he is not alone in this. In fact, he embraced his canine self when he learned of “human pups.” These are people who feel like dogs as well. Open minded friends gave him the confidence to become what he is today.

Kaz readily admits that he has never felt human and that he found it hard to relate to others. He felt that something was not right – until he found out that several other people felt that way as well.

But even before donning a dog suit, Kaz’s canine traits were evident from early on. For instance, his friends were used to him grabbing their collars and then biting and licking them.

In addition to wearing a dog suit, Kaz also snacks on dog biscuits and carries things with his mouth. He even describes himself as a “full-time orange, brown camo K9” in spite of being a store manager.

But he does not wear the dog outfits to work. But once out of work, he goes all out and wears rubber outfits, harnesses, fursuits, masks, and even dog leads.

He confesses to have noticed his canine behavior when he was as young as six, although his family and friends did not.

Today, he relaxes by eating his food out of his dog bowl.

Many people think it’s all a fetish, but Kaz says it goes way beyond as it encompasses romance and even childhood fun.