Man CC'd Into Job Rejection Email By Mistake

Man Cc'd Into Job Rejection Email By Mistake

Applying for a new job almost always comes with a healthy dose of anxiety. The best you can do is hope they make it easy on you if you were not the person for that company.

Unfortunately for Alexander Wood, that was not the case. He posted a TikTok video on what he had to go through when he was mistakenly added to a conversation about not deserving the job he had applied for.


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Alexander is from Whitesboro, United States, and his dream was to work in a coffee company. Before the heartbreaking experience, he had applied several times for a certain position in the company but did not get very far.

In fact, on his third try, he was CC'd into an email conversation discussing his unsuitability for the job he wanted.

When he received an email, he was driving from the coffee firm. The email popped up on his phone.

Instead of getting a message telling him, he had gotten the job, what he got was a heartbreaking rejection of his job application.

Man Cc'd Into Job Rejection Email By Mistake

According to the company's recruiter, Alexander ignored their last attempt to arrange a date and time for an interview. For that reason, his current application had to come to an end.

According to the email, one of the employees said they had tried interviewing Alexander before, but he allegedly never showed up. The response of another employee was, "Well, that's interesting. OK, so let's reject him."

When Alexander saw the email, he was heartbroken.

He explained that he would never not call or show up for an interview at the stage he was in his life.

Alexander clarified that he had responded to the email he was accused of ignoring and even showed evidence that he had. An interview was never set, which angered him.

He found it careless that the company would make him part of the email thread, where he was also blamed for something he was not guilty of doing.

Man Cc'd Into Job Rejection Email By Mistake

When he replied to the chat, it went silent, but Alexander was still in shock:

"I am absolutely astonished at the carelessness in this situation."

Alexander realized that this meant he would never get a job at the company, and that was okay because he had no plans of stepping foot at the institution ever again.

He was confident in his skills and was proud of himself and so didn't have to deal with that kind of "garbage."

Alexander felt that these were the kind of things people should not do with their businesses.

In his TikTok video, he said that the company had stopped responding to his emails. He also revealed how shocked other people were to learn what he had been through.

Alexander claimed that the company had gone completely silent. Nevertheless, since people from his area know the company's owner, they keep messaging him about him saying how nice he is.

Nevertheless, he doesn't care about that anymore. All he knows is that he is a good worker who has trained with nationally certified baristas, which means he should not have to put up with that sort of treatment.