Man Caught Driving To Ex-Wife's Grave To Pee On It Every Day By Woman's Horrified Children


Michael Murphy, 43, from New Jersey, set up hidden cameras to find out who's been urinating on his mother's grave.

Linda Louise Torello died from cancer in 2017, aged 66. Her family was horrified to see her final resting place desecrated repeatedly.

To make matters more disturbing, there were bags of poo on the woman's grave. That only made the Murphy family more uneasy, so they knew they must catch the person behind these crimes.

The shocking discovery found that the perpetrator was Linda's ex-husband. The two had divorced 48 years ago.

The video shows a man driving up to the grave, getting out of the car with an engine on, and then urinating over the grave.

The reason? Well, the Daily Mail reports that he once told his daughter, Murphy's half-sister, that he wished he never had her.

The heartbreaking post on Facebook posted by Murphy went viral.

However, there is no investigation, and the man, who was briefly married to Linda in the 1970s, is not facing any charges.

Murphy said the man hasn't been in contact with his family since 1976. He hopes to find a way to get the case to the court based on all the payments to cleaning companies.

For now, the man has stopped doing the nasty at the lady's final resting place. Murphy told Daily Mail:

"I believe he stopped, but I'm so protective at this point, I've been going every morning just in case. At least if he sees a car there, he will be deterred to keep driving by because the police were a complete letdown."

He added that he promised his wife and children he would not hurt him, " but I'm afraid to confront him because I wouldn't be able to control myself if I got that close to him. He did this to my mother's grave for months, maybe years."

The son concluded:

"Every cop I speak to has said, 'you're a better man than me cause I would have killed him.'"