Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Got A Lap Dance From Chris Brown

Chris Brown's European tour has caused a significant amount of online attention due to his newfound goal of providing a girl with a lap dance at each show, and this has left his partners dissatisfied.

Allegedly, a man broke up with his girlfriend who received a lap dance from Chris Brown during one of his concerts, and it seems that she had a good time.

Brown is presently on his "Under the Influence" tour, performing throughout Europe, where he ensures to provide a girl with a lap dance at every show.


Brown has upheld his promise to grant a lap dance to a lucky (or possibly unfortunate, depending on perspective) lady during each show while performing "Take You Down," resulting in dissatisfaction among his partners throughout the continent.

One of the partners, Dash, witnessed the moment when his girlfriend was called on stage, and he recorded the whole incident on TikTok.


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Numerous individuals inquired whether Dash planned to stay with his partner, after he shared several videos of the lap dance performance, all of which garnered millions of views.

In the footage, Dash's girlfriend can be observed caressing Brown's body and clearly enjoying the lap dance.

In the initial video, Dash acknowledged that he spent £500 ($600) on the tickets and that he and his partner are currently requesting a refund.


The comments section was inundated with opinions, with numerous individuals proposing that the TikToker terminate his relationship with his girlfriend.

"Tbh break up time even if it's a concert she know better than to do sum like that even if she likes his music and stuff that ain't an excuse [sic]," one person wrote.

A second added: "She was acting like she was single the way she was grabbing his neck."


Some viewers requested information on whether Dash remained in a relationship with his partner following the event, and he provided them with the desired updates.

While uploading a new video, Dash said: "Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I'm no longer with my girlfriend but she said she doesn't think what she did was wrong."

Numerous people perceived Dash's actions as ethical, as one person expressed: "Chris brown concert, in general, is an ick, but like there were probably so many single girls that could've gone up instead."


Brown's concerts are not only causing the termination of relationships, but they are also generating concerns following an incident where he seemed to grab a woman's neck during a lap dance performance, the same type that led to Dash's breakup.

Brown rested his hand on the neck of the 23-year-old former Love Island participant, Natalia Zoppa, and several fans conveyed their unease on social media.