Man Becomes 'Twitter King' As His Tornado Drinking Technique Goes Viral

man becomes ‘twitter king’ as his tornado drinking technique goes viral

A Chinese man will beat you at any drinking game, as he's the Twitter King, due to his drinking technique.

The 34-year-old, real name Liu Shichao, has become an Internet sensation after posting his tornado drinking technique on Twitter.

The trick is simple; hold the bottle to the mouth, raise it, and quickly shake it around, creating a tornado inside it, before chugging it down.

Pangzai, as netizens call Liu, is a worker from Zhengyuansi, a small village, so when his video went viral, he was in shock.


The Twitter King's career didn't start on Twitter

Since Twitter is banned in China, Liu posted his video on a similar network, called Kuaishou. That's where he first got attention from admirers.

He somehow got to use Twitter to connect with people outside China, and the rest is history.

man becomes 'twitter king' as his tornado drinking technique goes viral
man becomes 'twitter king' as his tornado drinking technique goes viral

Now, he has around 170k followers and many fans worldwide. Speaking about the initial fame, he stated:

"I was very surprised at first. I never expected so many foreigners overseas would support me and watch my videos."

Twitted King added:

"I really enjoy sharing my previous videos with them. What makes me happiest just before going to sleep every night is talking to them, and replying to their comments. This makes me the happiest."


Make sure to check out this man's drinking skills. One includes popping two 1.5 liter bottles into his mouth and drinking them both at the same time.

man becomes 'twitter king' as his tornado drinking technique goes viral
man becomes 'twitter king' as his tornado drinking technique goes viral

Shichao gets mostly positive comments from people around the globe. One Twitter user told him:

"You have the strength of 10 kings."

Another added:

"Pangzai proves that you need not be a Jack of all Trades. Master anything, and it is valuable!"

It's pretty impressive for a guy who doesn't even speak English and wasn't even allowed to use Twitter!

Some fans are full of praise, others are worried

Most of Pangzai's fans love to watch his crazy videos. But, not all comments are positive.


Mostly, you get to see comments such as:

"Awesome video, king. Please continue the hard work you put into these videos and thank you for everything."

Even more praise from another Twitter user:

"The one king you don't want to have to buy a round for (you'll go broke)."

Another person said:

"Glad that the King has been getting the recognition he deserves."

Other fans are worried because binge drinking is no joking matter. As one fan wrote:


"I support you doing less binge drinking."

Another added:

"Remember to take care of your health, king!"

Even the man's family expressed concerns regarding his drinking habits. As Pangzai explained:

"My wife was really pissed then. Very angry… she doesn't like me to drink too much. My family is not supportive at all. We often fight over it."

The family has a point, but it should be noted that the Twitter King also shares his cooking skills. He's one impressively talented person!