Man Bashed In Back Of Head With Bricks, Falls Face-First To Sidewalk

This man fell face-first on the sidewalk after someone bashed him in the back of his head with a brick while bystanders record and laugh.

A sickening video has emerged, showing a man get bashed in the back of the head with a brick, only to have witnesses laugh hysterically as they record him.

In the video, a man walks across the street 'minding his own business.'

Then another man ran up behind him and smashed the back of his head with a brick. The victim then falls to the sidewalk face-first.

While it's unclear what led the second man to confront the victim, a voice in the video says:

"Bitch you bet' not run."

And after the victim fell to the ground, at least two people laugh in response to the attack.

Also, as the victim lay on the ground motionless, another person yells:

"Oh my God, he's done!"

According to police, the incident happened in the evening in West Hamburg Street, Baltimore.

Cops added that when they arrived at the scene, neither the victim nor the attacker was there.

The officers did, however, notice a large pool of blood where the attack had taken place.

The witness who called 911 said that he had heard two men arguing. When the first man started to walk away, the first one picked up a brick and attacked him from behind.

The suspects then fled the scene.

man bashed in back of head with bricks, falls face-first to sidewalk. observers recording sneak attack laugh and howl
man bashed in back of head with bricks, falls face-first to sidewalk. observers recording sneak attack laugh and howl

The footage of the incident then surfaced on social media.

However, the person who posted it took it down. It's also still unclear whether the user who posted it also recorded it or knows the attacker.

The video has Left Social Media Users Shocked

One commenter wrote:

"Buy more guns. Defend yourself. No one is going to do it for you."

Another person added:

"This is disgusting. These animals need to be found, prosecuted and put away for a long time. Why do that to any living being?"

While a third person said:

"The number of these types of ambushes is horrifying! So what do we do now, just film this s**t, post online, and do nothing?"

"I haven't seen/heard anything about this man's condition or if anyone helped him."

"If this is the New America so many are calling for, we're doomed."

Meanwhile, one person advised people to stay alert while in public.

The user said:

"Be aware of your surroundings. Get those earphones out of your ears, so you can hear what is going on around you."