Man Asked How Many Previous Partners His Wife Had...

Some questions pop up in relationships that might make things a bit awkward. For instance, we could ask our partner what they'd do if we were no longer around, or perhaps dive into something deeper.

A common one that couples might tiptoe around, especially early in the relationship, is about past romantic partners. It's not the most comfortable topic, but it's often brought up.

This exact scenario unfolded for a couple in the joke that follows. To truly get the punchline, you have to read through, but by the end, you'll surely have a smile on your face.

A couple, fresh into their married life, are lying in bed. The husband, with a hint of hesitation, asks his wife about her past relationships. She simply stares at the ceiling, not uttering a word.

He pushes a little, saying, "Come on, it's just us here. How many before me?" She keeps her silent ceiling stare.

Worried he struck a nerve, he tries to backpedal, "I didn't mean to pry, I just thought we could share everything…"

She remains silent. Trying to lighten the mood, he says, "It's okay, forget I asked."

He tries to cheer her up, pulling her into a comforting embrace, planting small kisses as a peace offering.

After a moment, she finally looks at him, a mix of irritation and humor in her eyes, and exclaims, "Oh great, now I've lost count!"