Man Arrested In His Underwear For Drinking Wine From Moving Tanker Truck On Highway

Wine tasting on the go—a man from California has taken wine tasting to a whole new level.

Police have arrested a man for climbing a wine truck, opening a valve, and drinking wine straight from the tanker. If that wasn't weird enough, the man was only wearing his underwear at the time.

So, What Actually Happened?

The suspect, Gabriel Moreno, who was driving a sedan, signaled for a truck to pull over on Highway 99 near Moreno.

The truck driver stopped as he thought his vehicle had suffered some mechanical issues.

Moreno Jumped Out of His Car Wearing Only His Underwear

When the truck stopped, Moreno emerged from his car, wearing only his boxers and a face mask.

He ran towards the truck's passenger-side door before going out of view.

man arrested in his underwear for drinking wine from moving tanker truck on highway

Startled by the bizarre encounter, the truck driver drove off. However, Moreno leaped onto the vehicle.

Suddenly, Moreno Was on the Truck!

A camera saw Moreno come back into view on the back of the truck.

As the tanker traveled down the highway, Moreno began to climb underneath the vehicle.

The 39-year old then unscrewed the valve connecting the truck's cargo tank and began drinking red wine from it.

Wine poured out onto the highway due to the incident.

The Driver Then Noticed Wine Spilling from the Tanker

The truck driver pulled over when he noticed wine spilling on the road and called the California State Highway Patrol.

Officers Arrested Moreno on Misdemeanor Driving on a Suspended License and Felony Vandalism Charges

After investigation, the officers arrested the man and took him into custody.

According to the truck company, they lost about 1,000 gallons of wine, approximately 3700 liters.

You can fill around 5,000 bottles with that much wine!

Following His Extremely Dangerous Heist, Moreno's Strange Tale Doesn't End There

After his release, Moreno ended up getting back on the wrong side of the law within 'moments' of his release.

He wanted to be rearrested by attempting to steal a company truck belonging to a landscaping crew.

Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office revealed on Facebook:

"Moreno was distressed by the early release and was unhappy he didn't get a sandwich as part of the standard meal at the PSC."

"As a way of getting a return visit to the jail, where he hoped to enjoy his sandwich finally, Moreno attempted to steal a company truck belonging to a landscaping crew."

Moreno was sent back to jail on charges of felony auto theft.

Unfortunately, the man didn't get to enjoy very many prison sandwiches—the police released him yet again. Better luck next time!