Man Arrested For Sunbathing In The Nude In The Middle Of Cottonwood Intersection

While many of us are already freezing, one man from Arizona is sunbathing. In the middle of the intersection, during the early afternoon.

34-year-old Jayme Lars Johnson was only in his shoes when the police came to the scene. And this story is weirdly hilarious. Johnson said to the officers he was:

"Sunbathing at a beach and listening to a Katy Perry song."

Cottonwood police arrested him and only shared one important thing:

"Fortunately, no one ran over Mr. Johnson during this incident. "

Shoes, Flowers, And A Backpack

People are now calling Johnson "naked Arizona man." The Cottonwood native was throwing flowers to the vehicles while he was lying there, only with his shoes and a backpack.

Someone didn't like what they saw, so the police arrived at about 12:30 p.m. in the area of State Route 260 and Cove Parkway on October 21.

Jayme Johnson was taken into custody, booked into the Yavapai County Detention Center for 2 counts of Indecent Exposure: a felony charge and a misdemeanor.

The felony charge is because Johnson provoked a juvenile to see his penis and an adult in the same vehicle.

Police sources say that mental health evaluation might be necessary due to the act itself. Otherwise, Johnson will face some jail time.

Though it could be mental health issues, we hope that the investigators did a blood test. Because it sounds like someone was very much into Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds mode.

You have to be rather high to admit that you're listening to Katy Perry willingly.