Man Arrested After He's Caught On Video Shoving Boy, 12, To The Ground

The police apprehended a man from Long Island who pushed a 12-year-old boy to the ground when he discovered the child was using a cellphone to record his wife.

According to Alex Anderson, he and a group of his friends was cycling in Dix Hills, Long Island on Tuesday when they observed a woman in a black SUV recording them with her cellphone as she followed them.

Anderson mentioned that he and another boy took out their phones and began recording a video of the woman.

The video displays Anderson walking around the woman's car, recording the vehicle and its license plate.

"Do I care?" Anderson addresses the woman who is approaching the driver's side door. "Does it look like I care? Got this person's license plate."

A different boy in the video can be heard labeling the woman as a "pedophile."

"Do you like taking pictures of little children?" he says. "Are you a pedophile? Do you enjoy touching little kids?"

Shortly after Anderson insults the woman by calling her a "low life," a man charges towards him, pushing him to the ground. The man uses profanity and slams Anderson's cellphone onto the ground, while the boy pleads for assistance.

The man proceeds to attack Anderson's friend who was documenting the aggressive altercation.

"After it happened, I was scared and worried what he was going to do next," Anderson told the media.

William Conte, the woman's spouse, was recognized as the man in the video. According to NBC, the 39-year-old father of two was apprehended on Tuesday and accused of criminal mischief and harassment.

Christian, Anderson's father, referred to Conte as a "coward." However, inhabitants in the vicinity are supporting Conte.

Michael Shain, a neighbor who lives opposite the site where the occurrence took place, claimed that the children were attempting to hurl a deceased snake into the woman's car while her two kids were in it.

"There's video of these kids running around with their bikes, stopping cars, getting in front of cars where they almost basically force you to hit them," he said. "These kid are not innocent by any means. They started it, and unfortunately, the father went to protect his wife and two small kids."

Christian, on the other hand, asserts that there is never a justification for a grown-up to lay hands on a child.

"They didn't do anything vicious. Even if they throw a rock at the car, it doesn't justify beating up a child. It just doesn't," he said.

Anderson sustained a head wound during the occurrence and is currently wearing a cast on his arm and bandages on his ankle.