Man '90% Covered In Ink' Says Boss Hid Him Due To His Tattoos

Man '90% Covered In Ink' Says Boss Hid Him Due To His Tattoos

Matthew Whelan, the man with the most tattoos in the United Kingdom, proudly displays more than 300 tattoos that cover about 90% of his body. Even though he encounters some hurdles at work, he fully embraces his one-of-a-kind look, living as a "living work of art."

Through the years, plenty of folks in the UK have gotten a tattoo or two, but it's evident that one individual has taken his body changes to a whole new level.

A 43-year-old man who says that his body is "90% covered in ink" shared that his employer had to keep him out of sight due to his explicit ink.

Matthew Whelan, known as the King Of Ink Land, candidly discussed his unconventional appearance and how he thinks it has impacted his professional life.

Hailing from Birmingham, King has openly acknowledged facing workplace bias during his time at a call center job.

The guy, famous as "Britain's most tattooed man," currently sports over 300 tattoos all over his body.

Man '90% Covered In Ink' Says Boss Hid Him Due To His Tattoos

He says that due to his extensively tattooed look, he was kept out of sight by management during an "office reshuffle."

He shared with the Daily Star back in 2022: "You bring ultimate restrictions upon yourself by looking different. That's not just alternative people."

"Basically the reason why you won't get a job is not that you look totally different, it's because people won't give you a job."

King added that the cause of this "also depends on the industry and their dress code."

Man '90% Covered In Ink' Says Boss Hid Him Due To His Tattoos

"I think a dress code should just be that - clothing," he continued. "This appearance, this extreme alternative look can restrict people and has restricted me in the past, even when I've been in employment."

"I got shuffled around from one office to another when I was working in a call center. The managers were coming up so they decided to have a move around in the office."

He went on: "The person they got to move was me. I got shifted from one end of the office down to the bottom when the managers came up."

King has already made a name for himself in the acting world, even landing a role on BBC's Doctors, so it seems that the reported workplace bias hasn't discouraged him.

However, King has found that due to his distinctive appearance, he's often typecast in prisoner roles, as he explained: "I'm not gonna pop up in Downton Abbey as an actor, am I?"

"Unless having an alternative scene or someone's tripping out or something I suppose."

That would certainly be fun to watch.

Though he's had a few gigs in TV shows, King often finds himself typecast into "stereotypical roles," typically portraying characters like prisoners.

Even though people have mixed opinions about his tattoos, the guy made it clear he wouldn't change a thing, as he relishes the chance to live as a "living work of art."

He enjoys having his life story etched onto his skin, taking pride in being a canvas adorned with a unique collection of tattoos. His journey, marked by both hurdles and triumphs, serves as a testament to the importance of staying true to yourself in a world that might not always comprehend.