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Malibu's New Piña Colada In A Can Is Perfect For Summer

You can now buy pre-mixed piña colada, an excellent addition to Malibu ready-to-drink summer lineup, and it's perfect for the pool, beach, or lake!

A tasty drink is essential to keep away that Lana Del Rey-esque summertime sadness. None is more classic than the ever-flavor overload of fancy-yet-fun beverage, the piña colada.

The drinks replace the famous alcohol strawberry and kiwi flavor in the range. They're pre-mixed to perfection, making it easy for you to bring to a friend's home or enjoy outdoor without having to pick up individual ingredients to mix them.


Malibu pre-mixed piña colada will transport you from that frat party to ferry boat, from stay-cation to vacation, as well as from your bed to beach.

People Don't Have the Time to Mix Piña Colada Anymore

Preparing the drink can be overwhelming, especially if you don't have a bartender friend. You have to go through the whole ordeal of looking up a perfect piña colada recipe throughout the internet.


The gluten-free, vegan blueberry muffin pin will distract you. In the end, you'll realize that you didn't get all the ingredients you need.

It'll use all your time and money trying to prepare the drink. Why don't you try the pre-mixed piña colada can? It's worth it.

No More Worries, Malibu Got You Covered

Our beloved rum company has just released a line of pre-mixed canned piña colada for all our summer needs.


Creamy, light, and mixed with Caribbean rum, the Malibu's piña colada pre-mixed cocktail comes with 8.5 ounces can for easy summer drinking.

To answer your earnest question, each pack contains 5 percent of alcohol.

The Piña Coladas Cans are Part of a New Collection Malibu is Putting out for the Summer Time

Other canned cocktails in Malibu's summer lineup include pineapple, cola, pear, and fizzy raspberry lemonade.


James Middleton, from Pernod Ricard UK, said:

"The Piña Colada is Malibu's signature cocktail, and we are delighted to be introducing an on-the-go format that will allow us to tap into home cocktail occasions; as well as expanding into alfresco moments, making it this season's must-stock for driving summer sales."

Malibu pre-mixed cans of cocktails are the perfect tipple for every event. Including festivals, BBQs, summer parties, and drinks are available for everyone.


The Malibu piña colada canned beverages make sense as they solve the rules about "no glass bottles near the pool."

In an era of crafted cocktails, our favorite pre-mixed drinks require absolutely no bartending experience whatsoever.