#malethoughts – What To Do When The One You Like…likes Someone Else!

So you’ve found someone you really like and things seem to be going well…then you find out that they are actually into someone else…what do you do next? …move on…seriously!

During lunch today with a friend he actually told me he felt like he had to win over the girl he was crushing on…it made me realize that we have this need for victory like we have to win whenever someone else comes into the situation. When you break it down though, it really is a waste of time. If the person you like, likes someone else then their heart is invested in someone else…and you are just not in the picture.

What you need to do is redirect that energy into finding and investing it in someone else. There is a reason that this person isn’t interested, If you didn’t make it obvious before that you had feelings for them then you are now dealing with the reality of the old saying “time kills all deals”. This is a life lesson.

If you like someone and you are both single then don’t waste any time, you need to make your move before someone else does. There may have been a few times that you tried to talk to them in the past but ended up talking yourself out of it. Think about it, how many times did you watch them walk across the room instead of stopping them and actually talking to them… Because you couldn’t pull it together, you’ve lost your chance for now…it may not be forever, and if it is then it means it wasn’t meant to be.

These are the cruel life lessons that are actually for your benefit. What you learn here is the importance of acting on your feelings while you have the chance and you won’t want to make the same mistake in the future. While it sucks…move on. Stop daydreaming and start living your life, keep an eye out for the next person, and if you see them, today, tomorrow, or next year…GO AND TALK TO THEM!

You may have had feelings for this person, but if it’s meant to be…it will!!!