#MaleThoughts – Is he Interested In Me? Signs He Is Interested In You

We all have that one friend, or are even that one person who, despite being shown all the right signs a guy is interested in her, is still unsure. I often find myself in this situation where I second-guess myself. Maybe he is just being friendly, maybe he flirts with everyone, maybe he’s only trying to be nice to get into my pants…We have all been through these mind numbing scenarios.

There is also the polar opposite where we know that one person who assumes that someone or even everyone is interested in them even when the evidence of this is really not there. That is of course much worse however even without risking the assumption the dating world is full of opportunities for embarrassment and heartbreak.

When you think about all of this it can be highly tempting to just give up and sit in watching Netflix on your own to save yourself the pain, I have done it so many times. However you might want to wait until a guy shows his interest clearly enough before you let yourself obsess over either or.

Here are a few signs that he is truly interest in you.

1.    He makes an effort with the way he looks.

Have you noticed a difference in his appearance when he knows he is going to see you. Maybe you have noticed that his cologne smells particularly alluring or his hair is styled properly. Some people do this naturally but others reserve this effort when they are dressing to impress.

2.    You can sense it.

Women are extremely intuitive. Not to say that men aren’t but for some reason women just sense things. My mother always told me to trust my gut instinct but my anxiety often tells me it is lying. What I can say it what you are feeling coupled with your “women’s intuition” can’t compare to the feeling you get when you are around him. If you think he likes you, he probably does.

3.    He makes the effort to start a conversation.

No guy is going to constantly contact you if he isn’t interested in pursuing something. Think about how often he messages you out of the blue, if he calls you then that is an even stronger sign. Talking on the phone takes energy, focus and intimacy that text messages don’t so if he is doing this…your chances are good.

4.    Your conversations actually mean something.

When you have a conversation with him, it’s not just smalltalk. The types of conversations you are engaging in are intellectually stimulating, a real connection. If you are able to have an honest conversation with someone it shows a level of trust and familiarity that men don’t just have with anyone.

5.    He actually listens to you.

The fact that he is listening to you and not waiting for his chance to speak is probably the biggest clue he is interested in you. He remembers what you have said, he keeps track of the important information and that shows that he really cares. This is a clear sign he is thinking about you and if he asks about events in your life, take note. He is clearly showing that he is interested in what is happening in your life. This is highly supportive behaviour.

6.    He brings you into his life.

In every relationship there are separate areas of life. The fact that he is inviting you to family events or nights out with friends is a clear sign that he is into you.

7.    He flirts.

This is something that is pretty straight forward. If he isa naturally flirty person he will flirt with you in a different way. If he turns down the flirting with other people and raises the bar with you then it’s a good chance you know you’re of interest here.

8.    He acts different around you.

You will be the refresher in his life, the one that is a relief to spend time with not a burden.  If it is comfortable and easy spending time with you and vice versa then there is a good chance he is interested in you.

9.    His body language changes.

When we are around someone we like our body language changes. With men the chance to get closer, touch or be near to you is a clear sign he is interested in you. Sometimes he may be nervous and this is nothing to be worried about. See if his attention is on you or what is going on around you.

10.    He puts an effort in to make you smile.

This is definitely one of the biggest. No man will put an effort into something that he isn’t interested in.If you find that he is constantly trying to make you smile by sending you cute videos or memes or even bad jokes, step back and think about this. Men like to be found funny by the women around them and if they aren’t putting in that effort then there is a good chance they aren’t interested.