Male Bonding: 5 Fun Guy Activities To Make Your Bromance Bloom

Male Bonding: 5 Fun Guy Activities To Make Your Bromance Bloom

Men are simple. They can have fun easily, without spending much money and making much effort.

Whether you want to throw the best game night in the history of game nights or go out of the city to escape from the monotony, there are plenty of options to choose from. Because of this, it can be challenging to settle on one activity when there are so many you can do. Don't worry. We are here to help with guy activities.

Below, you can find the five most fun guy activities. They are simple, cheap, and meant for a group where everyone can enjoy themselves and have a great time.

1) Barbecue Sundays

Male Bonding: 5 Fun Guy Activities To Make Your Bromance Bloom

Nothing beats getting together on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the backyard of one of your friends, opening a couple of cold beers, making some barbeque, and enjoying your weekend with the boys.

Barbeques can be one of the best guy activities to do with the boys because you can enjoy well-cooked food that you made and be a bonding experience. Surprisingly, it is one of the best ways to get to know your guy friends. You can't just be eating and drinking the whole time, so you will have to start talking about different things, open up in ways only men are capable of, and discuss everything from your lives to news and sports.

Once you have gone to one barbeque with the boys and had a great time, it can turn into a regular thing. Having a barbeque Sunday is one of the guy activities to do with your friend group.

2) Paintball

Male Bonding: 5 Fun Guy Activities To Make Your Bromance Bloom

What's a better activity to do with your testosterone-loaded friends than paintball? If you and your friend group are more energetic and like to compete against each other, paintball is the best activity to do with the boys.

Although it ideally requires a relatively bigger friend group than, say, four or five people, paintball is one of the best getaways for guys to do together. It can be a bit difficult to get used to all the rules and the specificities of using a paintball gun, but once you get yourself around it, it can turn into one of the most fun activities.

Think about it: everyone gets a "gun," you split into teams and experience what most guys always wanted to experience - being in an all-out war-like situation, where all you can trust is yourself and your teammates to win.

An added "benefit" is that not many girls are exactly enthusiastic about running around with paintball guns for hours trying to take out each other, so it is a safe option when you want to be just with the men. It is one of those rare guy activities that encourage team-building and using strategy, among other things.

For those reasons, paintball has a place on this list as one of the fun activity ideas to do with your guy friends.

3) Pub Golf

Male Bonding: 5 Fun Guy Activities To Make Your Bromance Bloom

Golfing is one of the most repetitive and expensive guy activities, but when its elements are combined with drinking in different pubs, that's a different story. Pub golf offers just that - and it is far more fun than it looks. It is a drinking game that usually turns into a chaotic drinking experience with your friends at the end. Here's how you play it:

Over the course of the day, you and your friends need to drink from nine different bars, taking turns moving from one bar to another. The bars are what "holes" are in golf - you move onto the next one once you have completed the previous one. Then, you should determine the par number, which means the number of sips it should take to drink an alcoholic beverage of your choosing in each bar.

For example, if the person is supposed to drink a specific cocktail in 4 sips and manages to do so, they get more points than those who don't. You should keep score after each bar and see who the winner is.

As you can guess, playing pub golf takes having a good tolerance towards alcohol. No matter how good your guy friends claim they can handle it, however, everyone is pretty drunk by the end of the game.

Many exciting things can happen when a group of drunk guys goes from bar to bar to compete in a game of pub golf, making it one of the most fun guy activities to do with the boys.

4) LAN Party

Male Bonding: 5 Fun Guy Activities To Make Your Bromance Bloom

For all the gamers out there, this one's for you.

Video games are most fun when played with other people, so what's better than assembling all of your friends for a LAN party at one of your houses and gaming all night long? And sorry, no girls are invited to play video games because, again, not many like it.

For this activity, you will need friends that are enthusiastic about video games, a video game of your choosing that all of you simultaneously can play (Minecraft is a good example), some laptops that can run said game, and a place with a good Internet connection to be able to host all these different players.

Gaming together with your guy friends while all of you share a living room is an unmatched experience. Throw in a couple of snacks, beers, and some good music, and you have a fully functioning LAN party, where all the members are fully immersed in gaming, making it one of the best guy activities.

5) Going To A Game

Male Bonding: 5 Fun Guy Activities To Make Your Bromance Bloom

Men like sports. They love watching them, talking about them, arguing about them. But in many cases, if you want to make a guy happy, you should buy him tickets to his favorite team's game.

Going to a game is probably the most expensive entry on this list, but the undying support and love you have for your team, as well as the experience that comes with watching them play live at a stadium with your best friends, will quickly make it all worth it.

It doesn't really matter what the sport and the conditions are, to be honest. Going to a national league basketball game can be as fun as going to a football stadium in cold November if the boys come with you. The excitement that sports bring to guys is genuinely out of this world, and it is even better when they can share the highs and lows that come with being a diehard fan with someone as passionate about the sport as they are. You can even enhance the experience by going out of town to a game, incorporating an all-guy road trip, which everyone knows is the best kind of road trip.

For all these reasons, going to a sports game falls into the category of one of the most fun activity ideas to do with the boys.

So, what about you? What do you think is the most fun activity on this list?