Makeup Primer Substitute: 7 Tricks For Glowing Skin

makeup primer substitute: 7 tricks for glowing skin

Makeup primer provides a smooth base and helps your makeup stay fresh and without slipping, fading, or creasing. If you're out of your favorite primer, or you need a makeup primer substitute, here's all you need to know and use.

Since primers are generally more recent products to the masses, it's okay to use some other, more traditional items that will have a similar effect.

The importance of preparing your face

To achieve perfection, you need a strong base. Your face is a painting, and primer is a canvas.

Water-based primers are nothing more than an extra layer of hydration, making them essential in skincare. Oil-based primers will provide better coverage, yet oil-based products are not for everyone. If you have sensitive skin, prone to outbreaks, these will do more harm than good.

Overall, a good base benefits both your makeup looks and your skin health. But, some primers are quite pricey. Others can be full of chemicals you don't feel comfortable putting on your face. So what's the alternative? Which makeup primer substitute will flatter your skin?

Coconut oil

One of the most beneficial ingredients, both for your inner and outer beauty, is coconut oil. We use it for cooking, as a moisturizer, hair masks,...

However, the virgin coconut oil is quite strong, so that you might have a reaction. If you are prone to skin outbreaks, this isn't your primer substitute.

If not, mix it with some foundation, and you'll get the perfect glowing base that will make your makeup look flawless.


One of the essential rules of skincare is applying sunscreen even during winter days. But, some sunscreens can be great primers as well.

Grease-free sunscreen allows you to get the protection and prep your skin. Usually, sunscreens are sticky but grease-free, will give you hydration, protection and serve as a primer. Three in one, and most importantly, great for your anti-age routine.


Though we associate it with sex, lube's actually a decent primer. Unlike Milk of magnesia, which is also used as a primer, yet tends to dry out your skin, lube will give you an essential, healthy glow.

The only trick is to use small amounts, and since it contains mild antibacterial properties, there will be no outbreaks.


Another unexpected substitute for primer is Vagisil.

It contains anti-itching properties, so it feels great. Yet, it's not a permanent solution since it imitates chemical peels.

If you are out of primer or coconut oil, for example, vagisil will do just fine.

Aloe vera gel

Mixed with a moisturizer, Aloe vera gel makes a great primer substitute for primer.

It's simply because this gel contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, so your skin will feel ready for every makeup look. The moisturizer will do its part and combining the two. You get a primer that will fit most skin types.

Chafing Gel

Similar to Vagisil, chafing gel contains dimethicone, which will protect your skin against outbreaks and acne.

Believe it or not, it will soften the skin while providing that mattifying powder finish we all dream of.

It sounds crazy, but you can't mock it until you try it, right?

BB cream

Finally, one makeup product can easily replace another one.

BB cream's main goal is to target blemishes. Yet, it also acts as a moisturizer, which makes your makeup routine even easier.

Apply a small amount of BB cream, and you will replace both the foundation and primer. It's perfect for younger skin and summer days.

Remember that, just like with any other primer or primer substitute, you have to wait at least one minute before you continue doing the rest of your makeup.

A proper skincare routine is a key to flawless makeup

Yes, you should use primers, but it all starts with the proper skincare.

The best way to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long is to always start with proper skin care for your skin type.

Just like your body needs water, so does your skin. Don't miss hydration, especially during winter days. Exfoliate regularly, and create an overnight routine based on your age and skin type.

A primer will make your makeup look better and create a long-lasting effect. But you cannot expect miracles if your skin is suffering during the time that's reserved for giving it all the ingredients it craves for. From retinol, various acids, facemasks to healthy eating, and fresh air, your skin will only look flawless if you invest time in its care.

It's not about buying the priciest products, but about finding the ones that are the most suitable for your skin and its expectations.