Make Your Pool Parties Crazy With This Light-up Swan Pool Float

After attending a couple of pool parties, you can admit that these affairs don't always kick off in high spirits. A typical scenario usually comprises people lounging around on a hot summer afternoon. The sun is usually hot, and the party typically climaxes as the day winds down.

But now, you don't have to wrap things up and call it a day when darkness comes. It's all thanks to this great light-up swam pool float. Swimming in the night has never been this great, or even romantic. Here's what you need to know:

make your pool parties crazy with this light-up swan pool float


Yes, this is a large float that can easily handle two adults. Sounds romantic, right? It is. That does not mean all kinds of adults can get on it and have a good time. The float measures 76.8 x 76 x 45.5 inches. Therefore, two normal-sized adults are pretty much its limit.

make your pool parties crazy with this light-up swan pool float


Even without a pump (though recommended), you can still blow up the swan yourself. How's that for convenience? As for the batteries that power the lights, you will need a screwdriver to loosen the screw that locks the compartment where they are located. Luckily, by not being such a power hog, you need not keep changing the batteries that regularly. So, all in all, this swan-shaped pool float is very easy to operate, which is nice because the last thing you need is a tedious pool accessory that takes the fun out of your pool parties.

make your pool parties crazy with this light-up swan pool float


Although the beautiful lighting is one of this swan's most signature features, you can use it during the day as well. The experience would be no less enjoyable. But without the beautiful lights bringing the swan to life, you will just be relaxing on your pool on a white opaque pool float. However, the float will be just as fun to ride around as you enjoy your time in the pool. It will still look interesting and fun. So, it should easily become a permanent pool accessory for you this summer.

make your pool parties crazy with this light-up swan pool float


Although the float has many color options, it will not look cheesy or over the top in any way. The swan can change from blue, green, pink, and even white. That is pretty incredible, but you don't have to put up with the color changes if you don't want to. The swan can be set to one color if you so wish. Luckily, the float will still look fantastic and make your pool look interesting even with this toned-down usage preference.


To be honest, this pool float is not built to last an eternity, which should not come as a surprise. However, it will make your pool parties memorable over its lifetime. So yes, it is totally worth the price, and it should not be a summer purchase you will regret. People seem quite pleased with what it can do, and chances are that you will be as well. I can't honestly imagine how you will not enjoy having this great and beautiful swan floating around your pool.