Make Sure You Love Someone Who Helps You Put The Pieces Back Together

Make Sure You Love Someone Who Helps You Put The Pieces Back Together

Love is a battlefield, and you usually consider yourself to have lost the war after the person who was supposed to have your backstabs you in the heart.

I'm sure you have an idea of what I am talking about.

You Feel Hopeless And Lost, And You Convince Yourself That Love Is Not For You

Now you are sure: you were foolish to even try.


And then one day, without warning, you feel it. It is dull at first, but with time, you cannot deny that you feel the pulse. Your soul is awake, and your heart is cheerfully optimistic.

You realize you still have some love left to give, and you want nothing but to share it with a special someone.

But you have not forgotten the hell you went through. The wounds are still fresh.

Because you have gotten wiser with age, you say you will ignore the temptation to get into another relationship to avoid more pain.


You have been broken into millions of pieces, and everything is still a mess.

But you have met someone, and as much as you want to say no, you know you need the love they offer.

You Can Already Feel The Broken Pieces Coming Back Together

One broken piece at a time, you can feel yourself becoming whole once again, all thanks to them. Like it or not, this is your soul mate.


That's why you were excited right from the first day, and you can tell this relationship is worth holding onto. You can feel that this is what you have been waiting for all your life.

You are awed and dumbstruck. This soul loves all of you, and in your rawest form. You can show your all, and they will still remain by your side.

When alone and thinking of them, the tears just flow. Not because you regret the mistake of letting yourself fall in love again, but because you can't believe your luck.


You Are So Happy It Feels Unreal

You can't believe that you are deserving of all the goodness that has come your way.

This soul, you can tell, is an extension of who you are. You did not even know you were deserving of this kind of love. You are so delighted. You can tell you are not missing anything.

You are free, having being liberated from the shackles that held you back before.


You can't believe you are healed. From a million messy, broken pieces, you are now whole. And not only that, you have found a love you never thought existed in this world, let alone for someone like you.

The whole experience is making you hyperventilate.

You Know You Have Found "The One." This Is Your Soul Mate

The phrase finally makes perfect sense. You cannot explain it, but you are sure of what's going on. Of one thing, you are sure there is no letting go this time.


The doubts are completely gone. Your heart's longing for its mate is now fulfilled and in the most beautiful of ways. It's like you were never broken to begin with.

All the pain you have endured in the world is nothing compared to the delight you feel now that you have found your true soul mate. Believe it or not, this is what you deserved all along.