Make It Stop: 7 Behaviors You Don't Need In Your Life

Make It Stop: 7 Behaviors You Don’t Need In Your Life

If your "friends" are dragging you down with these 7 types of behaviors, stop it before you become just like them!

Some people aren't your real friends. They are only playing the part, but their real-life purpose is to hold you back. It's not personal, and you don't have to fix it. It's who they are.

It's time for all those behaviors to be called out. And it's time for you to stop making excuses for them.

The ones who don't believe in your dreams

Some people will invest their time in trying to talk you out of following your dreams.

A true friend might want to take a realistic approach, but they will support you. Because those are your dreams, and if you fail, it won't harm them. If you achieve them, they'll be the ones cheering you while you're on top.

Don't let people get away with lying

If your so-called friends and family members insist on lying to you, make it stop. Cancel them.

Honesty may hurt, and there are some things you don't have to comment on, but lying to your face, is unforgivable.

They said what?

Masked under the sacred values of friendship, people who talk behind your back are nothing but useless cowards.

If a real friend has some beef with you, they will tell you even if it means hurting your feelings.

Negativity for the sake of it

There are certain "friends" who live for pulling others into their negativity.

Your friend might be going through a rough time, and it's honorable to help them. But constant negativity isn't a sign of depression. It's a sign of being a pain in the behind.

No one should walk over you

Ever get that feeling that your so-called friendship is one-sided? You're doing all the heavy lifting while the other person is exploiting you emotionally, financially, and socially.

Taking advantage of someone's kindness is rude. Especially since we need more kind people on this planet. Don't let them turn into a cynic. Let them go.

Can I be excused from this fight?

He said, she said, and now it's your time to say something. It's not your fight, yet. You're part of it.

It takes more effort to get out of the fight you were never part of than to simply say: "None of my business."

Not a case of misunderstanding

If you have to explain your every move, and yet you feel misunderstood, the two of you aren't speaking the same language.

Move on to people who will hear and understand you.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the sooner you let these people go, the better. You cannot fix them, so stop trying. Even if you were once close, people change, so go with the flow and pay attention to what feels right for you!

Learn to distinguish friends from faux ones!