Weird Story

Maid Of Honor Banned From Wedding Over Insane Bachelorette Party Plans

According to a TikTok user, @lobro15, she was removed from her role as maid of honor at her best friend's wedding due to a heated conflict regarding the bachelorette party arrangements. The disagreement arose when she expressed her apprehensions about the high cost of the event, which was estimated to be $1,000 per attendee. This incident marked the beginning of a downward spiral.

1. Lauren First Shared The Drama Back In June

The first video garnered 4.2 million views and provided a summary of the main events. "Being MOH and telling the bride you don't know if you or others can spend $1,000+ on her Bachelorette party," she wrote in the video. "Demoted to bridesmaids, [then] uninvited from the wedding and blocked on everything." Undoubtedly, after witnessing that, people were eager to learn the complete narrative.

2. Who Has That Kind Of Money To Spend On Someone Else's Party?

After Lauren's friend revealed the bachelorette party plans, Lauren voiced her concerns about the expenses. She conducted a survey among the other women in the wedding party and found that the majority of them were willing to spend only $300 to $500. "[I told her] it might be out of budget where she wants to go," Lauren recalled. "She tells me that if people were her friends, they would be willing to spend this amount of money to spend time with her." The bride inquired whether Lauren would like to resign from her position as maid of honor, but ultimately took matters into her own hands and disinvited Lauren from the wedding, followed by blocking her on all social media platforms.

3. She Opened Up About What Happened In Detail In An Update Video

In a subsequent video, Lauren disclosed that the pricey bachelorette party had indeed occurred, and to add insult to injury, the bride herself made a sarcastic quip about the cost. She shared an image of balloons with the inscription "1K" and added the following caption: "Thankful for my friends who spend 1k+ to be at my Bach." Wow, this woman is a true Bridezilla!

4. Lauren Found It Hilarious But Perplexing

As Lauren remarked while displaying the offensive photo from the bachelorette party: "So while I do find this hilarious, I have to say I'm slightly confused because you did switch locations and you did drive somewhere to save money on the flight costs, which was $400 to $500." Regardless, she is thrilled that she is no longer in a friendship with this woman.

5. Is This Really What Bachelorette Parties Have Come To?

Although it is widely acknowledged that weddings are exorbitantly expensive, it appears that bachelorette parties are also joining the ranks. What was once intended to be an opportunity to bond with friends and commemorate a new chapter in life has now transformed into a competition to outshine others with the most extravagant celebration. "Bachelorette parties have become so out of hand. Remember when it used to just be a fun night out with friends without a financial commitment," one person said in response to Lauren's video. However, another had a different view, writing: "To be honest – 1k is the minimum for a bach these days. I've been to & planned multiple, that's just what it costs for hotel, flights, food anywhere." Yikes!