Madonna's Banned Advertisement Finally Airs 34 Years Later

Madonna recently shared on Instagram that Pepsi has finally decided to release the commercial they collaborated on in 1989. This commercial featured Madonna's song 'Like A Prayer' but was banned shortly after its creation.

Madonna explained that the ad was initially canceled because she refused to make any changes to the video. However, when you watch the Pepsi commercial today, you won't find anything particularly controversial.

It simply shows both a younger and an older Madonna enjoying a Pepsi while her song 'Like A Prayer' plays in the background.

This Pepsi ad wasn't the company's most controversial or expensive, so why was it pulled from the airwaves after just one airing? The key lies in what happened the day after the commercial, which was part of Madonna's $5 million partnership with Pepsi, was first shown to the public.

Madonna had a deal with Pepsi, where she'd star in one of their commercials in exchange for using her song 'Like A Prayer.' This would give her song massive exposure to millions of viewers and serve as free publicity.

The commercial was initially seen by a large audience when it aired for the first and only time before being banned.

The trouble started the day after the commercial aired when the full music video for 'Like A Prayer' premiered on MTV. In the video, Madonna was shown near burning crosses and had scenes where she appeared to "kiss a Black saint."

This caused a huge uproar, especially among religious groups, who pressured Pepsi. Even though the commercial itself didn't include any of the controversial content, it became associated with 'Like A Prayer,' so Pepsi decided to pull the ad.

While many places refused to show the music video, MTV continued to air it. Despite the controversy, 'Like A Prayer' remained popular.

Pope John Paul II criticized Madonna for the controversial music video and encouraged Italians to boycott her music.

Despite the backlash, Madonna retained the $5 million payment from Pepsi, and the song gained even more popularity due to the free publicity.

In 1989, the song 'Like A Prayer' won the MTV Viewer's Choice award. During her acceptance speech, Madonna humorously thanked Pepsi for causing so much controversy.

Now, after 34 years since the ad was banned and with less likelihood of angering religious groups over 'Like A Prayer,' Pepsi has decided to bring the commercial back. Madonna expressed: "So began my illustrious career as an artist refusing to compromise my artistic integrity."

"Thank you @pepsi for finally realizing the genius of our collaboration. 😄 Artists are here to disturb the peace."