Madonna Licks Dog Bowl And Squats Over Sriracha Sauce In Bizarre New Video

There is no point denying that Madonna has amazing artists and art skills. However, her latest Instagram video has made fans wonder what exactly goes on in the pop legend's head.

The video consisted of photos and short clips of the pop star dressed in an eye-catching green furry sweater and glitter shorts matched with tight boots reaching to her thighs.

The video quickly took an unexpected turn as Madonna could be seen striking a provocative pose over a bottle of hot sauce and went on to lick a dog bowl positioned on the floor.


Well, after everything we have seen, should we be surprised?


The song playing in the video was I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges and the photos and clips were matched to the lyrics.

The Hung Up hitmaker has regularly surprised her fans with provocative and shocking content. However, her last antics have made fans question what she is up to. They called her video "embarrassing".

"None of this is thought-provoking or 'different'. You lost touch. You used to be ahead of the game. You created it. The changes to your body too. This is all screaming desperation to stay young or relevant. The last thing any of us would have expected from Madonna," one follower wrote.


"It's getting more and more embarrassing. It's not easy to be your fan anymore. You were an icon. [But] sadly [are] now without style," another thought.

"Really? After 40 years of being an artist, your form of visual art went down to licking a dog bowl," a third commented.

Some of the Internet users had some harsh words to say.

"If you're creatively dried out, let it be. Don't ruin it for your lifetime fans who are used to getting the best out of you. You have no idea how much it hurts to see you so desperate, destroying your legacy," a follower said.


The latest video is only one of several social media posts recently scared by the star that has left fans concerned.

The 65-year-old music legend can be seen twerking in lingerie and lip-syncing to a song about punching people in their "mother f**king face" in her posts.

In September, she shared a video where she made out with the musician Tokischa. The two could be seen provokingly licking each other, which was a bit too much for some fans.


Earlier this autumn, she also stirred up Instagram with a video labeling her as "gay".

The singer threw her pink underwear toward a bin and missed it. The video was captioned: "If I miss, I'm gay," which made fans wonder if it was a "coming out" video.

Madonna ended the video with a shrug and kept fans wondering.

Whatever you think about the star's antics, she knows how to entertain her followers and keep her spot in the limelight.