Madonna Accused Of Doing Poppers During TikTok Livestream With Terri Joe


Madonna never stops surprising. She recently shocked viewers when she appeared to be sniffing something during a live broadcast.

TikToker Psyiconic, known as her alter-ego Terri Joe, invited the superstar to join her live stream.

Terri Joe is an internet personality and content creator popular for her collaboration with various celebrities.

On Twitter, she describes herself as a "Christian southern belle just trying to make the world a better place, one hommasexyuh at a time."

Fans were expecting a wild interview and the live stream offered a surprise.

Madonna was seen pulling out a small brown bottle before sniffing its content.

"Did you just do poppers?" Terri asked, looking puzzled.

"I've never done that before," Madonna replied. She denied that the bottle contained poppers (a term for amyl nitrate). However, the contents of the bottle seemed to affect the Hung Up singer.

She experienced some kind of head rush before exploding in laughter.

It's still unknown what the 64-year-old star had in the bottle and Internet users have been eager to share their thoughts.

Sniffing poppers can lead to temporary wooziness and rushes. It is a chemical listed as a toxin by the US Poisons Standard and extensive use can even lead to death.

"I can't believe I witnessed Madonna doing poppers live on TikTok," a user wrote.

"Madonna doing poppers live on a TikTok while getting her hair done is so funny to me," another shared.

"Madonna doing poppers (allegedly) on live stream is the type of inspiration I needed today," a third claimed.

Hopefully, Madonna was telling the truth when she denied having poppers in the bottle.

"No. I am a good Christian girl," she said during the live stream.

"Are y'all right?" Terri asked before the two of them burst out in laughter.

The live stream was shared on Thursday, October 27th, only a few weeks after Madonna made headlines with another shocking TikTok video.

In the video, the famous singer revealed that she was "gay" by throwing a pair of underwear toward a basket while stating "If I miss, I'm gay."

The panties landed beside the basket, implying that the star is gay. However, she ended the video with a shrug, making fans speculate widely.